NCB question (in General)

Kong Ming December 8 2006 7:14 AM EST

If I start a NCB character and retire it, can I start another one straight away? Or do I have to wait for the bonus on that NCB character to end?

Flamey December 8 2006 7:23 AM EST

Have to wait.

Kong Ming December 8 2006 7:25 AM EST

Also, if I send the NCB character to another person, I can start another one straightaway?

bartjan December 8 2006 7:29 AM EST

I don't think that will work. There has to be 4 months between each NCB you start, I believe.

QBJohnnywas December 8 2006 7:42 AM EST

Yup, you get one chance to start an NCB character every four months. Even if you retire the char or transfer it.

Kong Ming December 8 2006 9:52 AM EST

Thanks guys :) Looks like I'll just start a normal character for testing purposes :)

QBsutekh137 December 8 2006 12:43 PM EST

Yeah, even if you transfer, you still have to wait. I just transferred a character to to someone because they wanted to test. I retired one of my characters, created new character with NCB, and transferred immediately.

My BA costs didn't change, and after unretiring my previous character, there are no visible changes anywhere on my user/characters.

But if I try to make a new character now, the NCB checkbox is disabled. *smile* So, the NCB goes with a character, but is watched over by a user-enforced limit too. I am not sure what happens if an NCB character is transferred to someone who already has an NCB character, but I think that has been discussed in other threads...

IndependenZ December 8 2006 1:15 PM EST

Sutekh.. you do realize you just wasted a perfectly fine opportunity to start a NCB character?

QBsutekh137 December 8 2006 2:49 PM EST

You mean the same opportunity that I will have again in 4 months? *smile*

In case you hadn't noticed, I am sort of sticking with Hubbell right now, and I knew what I was doing when I partook in the character transfer. *smile* I didn't spend 28 million on a new minion just to turn around and start a new NCB with zero cash...

Hyrule Castle December 8 2006 3:04 PM EST

yea, but sut, when/if you buy a 3rd and or 4th minion... you could own the top? ;)

QBsutekh137 December 8 2006 3:40 PM EST

I'm still waiting for donations, HC. *wink*

AdminNightStrike December 8 2006 4:07 PM EST

How about a long term low interest loan?

QBsutekh137 December 8 2006 4:20 PM EST

I already am doing a long-term financial scheme -- playing until I somehow have enough money, or finally getting fed up and pulling the trigger on using USD. *smile*

To be honest, there is no way at all another minion would help right now, anyway. I need better mage EDs to help, or some other change to make my additional minion more meaningful than a kill slot. Right now, all I would be able to add is yet more DM, and add a few folks to my fight list. That's not worth 30 million being pumped purely into MPR.

I could also use some free untraining to see how switching to MM would help me out. That FB backlash is devastating, especially against JKF and ToE teams...
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