Idea: New Tattoo/Rune (in General)

TheHatchetman December 9 2006 2:16 PM EST

How about a tattoo that makes it to where instead of your character refreshing at a rate of every 10 minutes, and you healing to battle doesn't open you back up to attack. Make it a tattoo, that way, if people seriously don't want to get farmed, they have to pay a serious cost. To avoid people just using it when they log off, make it to where once you equip it, its stuck there for 24 hours or something. Not to mention if they have a strategy based around a tattoo, and they put this thing on, it leaves them susceptible to much lower chars with proper tats taking advantage of their weakened state... Stops people from complaining about being farmed, costs them dearly.

Flame on.

Xenko December 9 2006 2:18 PM EST

Bad grammar... nonsense... hurting brain...

Comprehension suffering, ideas unclear, owww.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 9 2006 2:24 PM EST

/me hands Kultur a kleenex for his nose bleed

Gandalf December 9 2006 3:58 PM EST

nice joke novice, hatchetman try making a new post and think about what you type instead of just putting alot of rumble jumble on to a thread. eheh funny yo read though. =D even though i didnt under stand a word of it.

Miandrital December 9 2006 5:51 PM EST

TH, there used to be an item cooldown period, wherein you couldn't unequip an item for a certain amount of time after equipping it. It was not liked much and was eventually removed. And the tattoo would be really useless while you are fighting anyways, no real advantage except for clan people.

TheHatchetman December 9 2006 10:22 PM EST

Precisely! No advantage, except for those who absolutely can't stand being farmed... That's what i was getting at.

And after re-reading my original post, I probably should have paragraphed it at least a little...

Hyrule Castle December 9 2006 10:28 PM EST

even though its my clan thats complaining for the massive farming... how about... if you cant handle the massive farming... duck out of clan for a few days, let the heat die down, then join back in.

It would sure stop a lot of farming, of course, you don't get any bonus when you leave... and depending on how often people farming you update their fight list... you could be back in fairly quickly and losing more cp :P

Shooto December 9 2006 10:40 PM EST

Hyrule - wouldn't work that well because most people check the top clans every once in a while anyways and would see the person back in the clan sooner than you'd think.

TheHatchetman December 9 2006 10:48 PM EST

And I'm sure ours isn't the only clan worried about massive farming... I, personally, would not use this Tattoo/Rune, but I'm sure there are others who may like to (I guess)...

This would basically end all complaints about massive farming with 3 or 4 simple letters, i.e.:

"<Random person in chat or forums>I'm getting farmed too much"
"<Everyone in CB who happened to notice> [Tattoo/Rune name here]!!

The end.

Hyrule Castle December 9 2006 10:56 PM EST

as far as you know shooto... i have gone into a clan with only moderate farming after 3-4 days... and we were top 10

after 3 or 4 days, the farming really begins, and you just dip out again if you must.
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