just an idea (in General)

Unappreciated Misnomer December 9 2006 4:41 PM EST

if i made a sale, an xmas sale, and the condition was that you cant buy the item for yourself but rather for another cb'er as an xmas gift, like a secret santa, names of bidders would be secretand stuff....good bad or wth are you thinking....??!?


MissingNo December 9 2006 5:13 PM EST

It's a dumb idea. Mostly because no one is willing to spend their hard earned CB$ for another.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] December 9 2006 6:32 PM EST

I think The Idea Is ok but I never have enough money and can't really afford it . I bet its the same for most people. But on a lighter note I think we have a new name for Opvines .... Grinch! he he he !

MissingNo December 9 2006 7:22 PM EST

The Grinch is the one who takes presents away. Scrooge is the cheap guy. So I'd be Scrooge. But realistically, who would spend their hard-earned money to give it to someone anonymously?

Shooto December 9 2006 8:09 PM EST

Well not everyone spends real money on CB stuff. Sometimes I wonder if everyone knows that this is just a game...

Unappreciated Misnomer December 10 2006 2:43 PM EST

opvines, could it be youa re the offspring of both?

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] December 10 2006 2:47 PM EST

I think it's a fabulous idea, and I would certainly do it, but how would it be secret? Your transfer log would show who bought stuff from you and to whom you, in turn, sent stuff. It wouldn't take a rocket surgeon to match buyers and recipients.

(OP, you scrooge, this stuff actually happens pretty regularly 'round here. :P )

House December 10 2006 7:11 PM EST

There once was a Valentines "contest" like this, got a ton of attention.

AdminNightStrike December 10 2006 8:39 PM EST

To gain a little secrecy, you could transfer all the items to a third party... pick one person to do all the transacting.

QBBarzooMonkey December 10 2006 10:15 PM EST

Ooh, ooh, ooh! I could play Santa's Helper! Once an item is purchased, it could be sent to me with a To/From (unless the "From" wanted to remain anonymous) CM, and on a pre-designated date and time, I'd distribute them to their intended recipients... (I would cover transfer costs for the final deliveries, of course)...


MissingNo December 10 2006 11:13 PM EST

Bast, are you kidding? :o If not, I'm going to be disappointed if I don't get a VB anonymously. :(
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