Me & My Girl (in Public Record)

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] December 10 2006 6:04 PM EST

My girlfriend will be making an account on CB soon and we share the same IP. I'll have her confirm on here when she makes an account. And don't worry, I know about the no giving items thing.

Cheshire Cat December 10 2006 6:30 PM EST

I concur. We won't be sharing items or attacking each other.

TheHatchetman December 10 2006 10:50 PM EST

I'm sure you will be, just don't do it in CB...

And welcome, Ebony. btw, I'm pretty sure bulletins like these are unnecesary. An admin once said:

"Well, it has no effect on me, as I've seen too many multis claim to be their own relatives or friends to put to much faith in only their story.
It's their actions that make a multi, not their words. Even in the opposite case, when someone claims to be a multi, I still want to see some credible evidence that they are..."

And somewhere in the wiki (can't find it at the moment) it says:

"Don't act like a multi, or you will be suspected as a multi."

And someone else
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