Strategy Idea... (in General)

MissingNo December 10 2006 11:18 PM EST

Well, with all the hype that UC's been getting, I got to thinking and I was wondering how useful a 2-minion team consisting of a UC tank and a light tank would be. The UC would be the defense minion because of its UC-evasion thing. And the tank, well, because a tank with a VB will chop your face off. The UC tank could equip an exbow which will help weaken enemy tanks. The light tank can equip an ELB and shoot off people's faces. And if you had like a SF, it would contribute even more to the damage and from that, I would think that you'd kill most teams before melee. The light tank would have the TSA and a MgS so it wouldn't necessarily need AMF. And the light tank would have a MgS as well. Comments? Ideas?

QBOddBird December 10 2006 11:35 PM EST

So we're looking at:

A UC tank with no Combat Gi (evasion massively reduced) because you want a TSA/MgS combo on the light tank, leaving the UC guy to carry that tattoo.


and splitting WA between 3 weapons.

Not to be negative, but it sounds half-baked. =)

TheHatchetman December 10 2006 11:53 PM EST

Half-baked? I love that movie!

"The light tank would have the TSA and a MgS so it wouldn't necessarily need AMF. And the light tank would have a MgS as well."

If you mean both of the tanks would have a MgS. then who would hold the tat? And, for the sake of argument, say you could equip a tat and a power shield. You're suggesting, not only the loss of the Gi's bonus, but the loss of 5 UC just from the MgS... Hope you have like +20 on your HG, or did you want the dexterity boost of the EG?

Closest thing to this that may possibly work, would be Zoglog's char, a single tank with a Jig...

MissingNo December 11 2006 5:03 AM EST

What about a third minion to take care of the tattoo with AMF/VA/Haste/whatever? If you had a Jig then all 3 minions would benefit from whatever spell the E trains.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] December 11 2006 5:36 AM EST

What's with all the publicity about my strat being pretty good all of a sudden? ;P
Yes, it kind of works but mostly due to a pretty large AMF on the tank, even though there always seem to be a fair few tanks on my list, I'd say I'm probably more suited to fighting mages.
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