Barzoo's Mad Czech Botness IV (in Contests)

QBBarzooMonkey December 11 2006 11:50 AM EST

QBOddBird December 11 2006 11:50 AM EST


1. A bad excuse for failing you final test...

QBOddBird December 11 2006 11:52 AM EST

I'm late for class, so yes, I would like to continue with the madness!!! (sorry I can't wait for your reply to make it official =( )

QBBarzooMonkey December 11 2006 11:54 AM EST

OBBQ wins Round 1!!!

OBBQ, would you like to hold, or continue on with the madness?

Oh, snap! You already answered! That's 2 for OBBQ!!!

The madness of it all!!!

QBBarzooMonkey December 11 2006 11:57 AM EST

Make that "Round 1 and 4!!!"

(I was in too much of a rush to edit my own "cut and paste")


QBOddBird December 11 2006 1:26 PM EST

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