Auction request (in General)

Miandrital December 11 2006 11:41 PM EST

Would it be possible to add notes to our auctions? Maybe 50 character messages from the sellers to potential buyers. It would be useful for things like linking to previous similar auctions or FS/WTB threads, or listing the sell to store value of the item, or giving names of people to request loans from, etc.

That is really the only current advantage to FS/WTB threads, and obviously selling things in auctions is much preferred to prevent scammage.

QBOddBird December 12 2006 12:08 AM EST

Hm - I thought the advantage to FS/WTB threads was to sell/trade/deal in unconventionals, like USD; to make sales allowing for payment plans; and to make bulk sales/allow for instas.

Or at least, these were the advantages I've always seen to FS/WTB threads.

Miandrital December 12 2006 12:41 AM EST

Yeah, you're right. I guess I overlooked those things, but I would still like to be able to post notes to my auctions.

AdminJonathan December 12 2006 12:54 AM EST

you're just a middleman away from being able do to all those things with auctions

TheHatchetman December 12 2006 1:34 AM EST

name the item 'Get loans from Pixel Sage', or 'Sells for 112k'? :-P

Daz December 12 2006 3:33 AM EST

I was thinking the thing that stops me is the inability to have a 'reserve' price. In the forums, you can get peoples offers, and if they aren't high enough, then you can decline the sale, which you can't do in the auctions (I think :P)

TheHatchetman December 12 2006 3:37 AM EST

why not just set the minimum bid to your minimum sale price?

Daz December 12 2006 3:40 AM EST

Because I'm not sure what people will want to buy things at, and prices I'm likely to get, since I haven't been back for so long. Look at my katana in auctions. I wanted about a mil for it, so I set the min bid at that, and I seriously doubt anyone is going to buy the thing.

Daz December 12 2006 3:44 AM EST

Okay, I realise that what I said wasn't thought out, but what I mean is more that I'd rather use the board and see what people are wanting to pay and deal with it accordingly, while the auction is more that you just put it there and have to sell if there are bids.

TheHatchetman December 12 2006 3:45 AM EST

yes, but a reserve would be the same thing. You would have set the reserve for 1m, and not gotten it. Therefore, still no buyers. Set the minimum at the same price you would set your reserve, and it becomes the same thing, just with less annoyance from bidders receiving a 'Reserve not met' notice after their bid...

Daz December 12 2006 3:51 AM EST

But with the board, the point is that I could change my mind after the offers have been laid out, while with the auction you can't.

Finally it comes to mind what I was actually trying to say :P

QBOddBird December 12 2006 11:17 AM EST

Jon - but FS/WTB is where you find the middleman. Plus, with immediate transfers from one character to another, you don't have to drop it in Auctions and hope your intended target picks it up first ~_^

AdminNightStrike December 12 2006 11:22 AM EST

Expensive items sell for more in FS/WTB, but auctions give you the benefit of intelligible history checking. I personally try to push sales through auctions after finalizing in FS/WTB. It doesn't always work out that way, though. (As in, once you agree to all the terms in FS/WTB, drop the item in auctions for a BIN at the sale price).
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