Need ideas to use the RoE effectively for a 4 minion character (in General)

Kong Ming December 15 2006 9:25 AM EST

As the title says, I need some ideas on how to maximise the use of the RoE for my next character. I would like to use it throughout the NCB and beyond. I've got plenty of gears though none for mage so that gives you an idea of the possibilities.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 15 2006 10:36 AM EST

Single Tank. ELB archer or BL Melee only.

That or a Single FB Mage.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 15 2006 11:25 AM EST

AS - AS - AMF/GA/Decay - CoC
with the RoE on the AMF minion

Miandrital December 15 2006 11:35 AM EST

I would go with an EEET strategy.
1) AS only
2) VA and AMF
3) GA and EC
4) Archery/BL tank

Cycle the RoE throughout your team so that no minion gets too far behind the others in terms of exp.
If you don't like that idea then put the RoE on minion 1.

horseguy001 December 15 2006 11:44 AM EST

Well I used a RoE for 2 months straight on my NCB, until farming became so horrible I had to switch to my RoS. I would not reccomend this if you plan on fighting in a clan.

I mainly had it on my tank, but then I moved it around the team as I needed a boost somewhere else. It's great for flexibility that way, plus you get a 20% to total experience, and 80% to the minion that is wearing it :D

Kong Ming December 15 2006 8:17 PM EST

Thanks for the responses so far. I think using the RoE to boost the enchanters would be an option. I may use all the STR and DEX boosting gear on a tank and the RoE will be distributed around the 3 enchanters. If I'm going to be in a clan, it will only be just me in it ;)
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