Influencing Mr Chairman (round 2) (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 21 2006 8:34 AM EST

I now have two identical Executions swords, [82x10] (+5) NW: 92,812.

Mr Chairman does like to bid on these beauties and I hope to tempt him with mine. ;)

They both cost me a pitance.

I'm going to try to raise thier past auction values by creating some dummy auctions, when I get the cash and can hound at least one other person to be my stoogie. ;)

What I plan is to wait until I have 1 Mil CB2 to spare, then create quite a few auctions with the help of my accomplice as 1 Mil buy outs. Passing the Mil back and forth between us, one putting the Exec up after the other. (this will cost us a small amount in hosting fees...). After enough of these (when we get bored doing it! :P), I'll sell the two Exec's in auction for 1 Mill and 900K starting bids, and see if we can tempt old Mr C to buy them. ;)

If he does, I will send the cash straight back to him, I'm not trying to exploit for personal gain.

I'm hopeing he doesn't buy them. But it will be nice to know. ;)

If a Player buys any of the auctions instead, I'm keeping the cash! >;)

BootyGod December 21 2006 8:51 AM EST

Good luck Mr. Psychopath =)

I would help you out normally, but I can't spare even 1 CB anymore lol.

AdminJonathan December 21 2006 11:13 AM EST

another side effect is, you will raise transfer costs for everyone with an exec. I don't really approve.

BootyGod December 21 2006 4:26 PM EST

Psst, GL, I think that means don't do it ;)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 21 2006 4:56 PM EST


Yeah, I got that. :)

I guess that means you can influence Mr C like that. I'm not going to try now though.

AdminNightStrike December 23 2006 12:43 AM EST

"another side effect is, you will raise transfer costs for everyone with an exec. I don't really approve."

So transfer fees are based on past auctions? Or just auction fees?

Yukk December 23 2006 1:25 AM EST

So now what you do is put them up for auction at $1000 and buy and repost and buy :)
Maybe that'll make them cheaper.
Then you try it with something Mr Chairman likes.
Or maybe he's not influenced by Buy Nows.

TheHatchetman December 23 2006 1:28 AM EST

Making things cheaper that way would be risky, in the event that someone not in on it could spot it... But that may have helped out with the Central Bank bidding issue everyone was (hopefully still not...) complaining about...
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