3 days before Christmas? Looks more like 3 months... (in Off-topic)

RedWolf December 22 2006 5:24 PM EST

It's a nice, comfortable 43 degrees Fahrenheit right now (6 degrees Celsius). We had a thunderstorm this afternoon, and there isn't any snow in sight. And I live in Wisconsin, go figure. Looks like we won't be having a "White Christmas" this year....again....

48Zach December 22 2006 5:29 PM EST

heh.. i live in Ontario and we haven't seen ANY snow.. which is rare

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] December 22 2006 5:37 PM EST

Ontario for me too .I seen a little about 3 weeks ago. Been warm since though,raining right now.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] December 22 2006 5:44 PM EST

Like I said before in chat on numerous occasions, the current weather around here (Quebec, just beside Ontario for me) is pretty scary. There is not a trace of snow where I live, which is not normal. I am beginning to take global warming seriously. Or maybe it happened in the past and I don't remember...

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] December 22 2006 6:03 PM EST

I remember it snowing on Halloween and staying till spring when I was a kid. That was 40,45 years ago.Gee I hope it doesn't get warm enough to release all that methyl hydrate and cut the oxygen in half like they figured happened in the time just before the dinosaurs (Creatatious ?)

Flamey December 22 2006 6:26 PM EST

I live in Australia, it's supposed to be HOT.

On christmas day, they forecasted that it will snow in some parts of Australia, snow in summer.

Doesn't seem normal to me, and It's been pretty cold lately.

QBOddBird December 22 2006 6:28 PM EST

=) I went out and painted the past few days, was painting with my shirt off and got a sunburn....and this the week before Christmas.

It's still around 70-80 here (Alabama).

Hyrule Castle December 22 2006 6:29 PM EST

/me coughs "global warming"

Flamey December 22 2006 6:36 PM EST

Yeah, Totally, Global warming.

It's snowing in summer, Global warming must be it.

Mrs Beee December 22 2006 6:54 PM EST

Most certainly global warming. Flamey can i have your normal summer weather please? Question, what are we going to do about this global warming? it's scary.

GnuUzir December 22 2006 7:00 PM EST

Personally I'll take Global Warming over another Ice Age any day...

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] December 22 2006 7:02 PM EST

Global Warming will cause anther Ice Age though, that is going to be one of the stages of the process as diffixult as it might be to believe but the melting of the ice caps will inevitably result in an Ice Age.

AdminG Beee December 22 2006 7:05 PM EST

Would that be Ice Age 2 ?

Personally I preferred the first movie...

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] December 22 2006 7:23 PM EST

Intersting fact though, it seems snow storms are being reported in totally crazy places lately...

Flamey December 22 2006 7:44 PM EST

@ Mrs Beee: Our normal summer weather is usually around 30 degrees celsius, and higher, I believe.

It's heading for the middle of summer, and It hasn't hit over 30 degrees in a long while. At least, this is in Sydney, But we do get hot weather, I know that Victoria (the south-east) has almost half of it covered in fire.

It's been really windy lately, a lot of cloud cover also.

Even if it is in the mountains, I don't think it snows in summer, at least over here. First time I've heard of snow during summer.

This could be, because I'm just starting to notice things more now, and has happened before, but I'm still growing. :)

Bok [brimstone killers] December 22 2006 9:57 PM EST

the ice is still on the ground here in north texas and we should have a white Christmas is the weather man is correct

TheHatchetman December 22 2006 10:40 PM EST

We had snow in Ocala (Central Florida a couple weeks ago...) The end is near...

AdminJonathan December 22 2006 11:07 PM EST

My friend Paul is in fiji complaining about his sunburn. :)

Stephen December 23 2006 3:47 AM EST

At least he's not complaining about the coup!

DH December 24 2006 2:51 AM EST

its currently snowing here...and theres no sign of it quitting any time soon...

Daz December 24 2006 6:21 AM EST

In Perth, in summer it used to hit 40 degrees Celcius on a regular basis. This close to Christmas, and I still have a rug on my bed, when it used to be too hot to sleep with no covers and boxer shorts.

I have been telling people for the past 3-4 years that we are all going to die horribly, but nobody believes me :(

Hmm... After looking, the forecast for tomorrow is min 18 - max 34. I seriously doubt it will get near 25, let alone 34.

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] December 24 2006 8:37 AM EST

On a side note, anyone else read "State of Fear" by Michael Chrichton? Despite being a fictional book, it raises excellent questions that people really should ask themselves before the next time they ignorantly spout, "Global warming bad! This winter is warm!"

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] December 24 2006 12:35 PM EST

This morning, the sun is reflected in the huge puddles outside, and the view from my living room window is somewhat strange.

What really annoys me are the people on T.V that are interviewed on the street and saying things like : ''Wow, it should always be like that!'' or ''Bah, we don't need the snow, and if the temperature went up to 30 (in C), it'd be even greater!'' Now, I can comprehend the folks here are tired of winter and all, but come on, is it really worse than the borked up weather we're having?

Argh, I think someone doesn't quite understand what's going on.
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