Economic Clan Revenue? (in General)

MissingNo December 27 2006 12:03 AM EST

How is it calculated? Because I forged a little today and was to put some NW into my items, but it doesn't show up as anything for my economic clan revenue. However, when I change the list to revenue for 30 days, it says I've earned $2.1 million, even though I had never forged before today.. So uh, how does this work?

Miandrital December 27 2006 12:08 AM EST

Money sent to your econ clan character is your revenue, which is a very flawed system imho.

MissingNo December 27 2006 1:07 AM EST

So it doesn't actually have anything to do with forging? And does that mean I get revenue if I transfer money between characters?

Miandrital December 27 2006 1:13 AM EST

Intra character transfers don't count and neither does forging.

AdminNightStrike December 27 2006 1:17 AM EST

But at the same token, just like the revenue calculation is meaningless, so too is having high revenue. There's no bonus applied, so it's just like points from Who's Line is it Anyway?, or your llama count in City Hall in Simcity 2000.
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