QB Prize (in General)

BootyGod January 4 2007 4:14 PM EST

Just because it has been there forever, I feel I should start using some of the cash in Community Chest.

I will be sending 100k to the new QB (Will be split in the event of multiple QB receivers).

Why? I want to. They can send it back, or they can use it (which is encouraged) or do whatever they want.

It's my way, and by extension of the community, to give a little extra to them. If you want to donate to it, feel free, but I just letting you know what's going on. Wasn't sure if this was a contest or not, but I not actually doing the contest so put it here.

Umm, if you all don't like it... uhhh... oh well :) None of you gave to the fund! Lamers! Hehe.

BootyGod January 4 2007 4:18 PM EST

I may give more. Just thought I would mention. Going to think about it and (of course) post the amount BEFORE naming of the winner.

BootyGod January 4 2007 4:32 PM EST

Up to a minimum amount of 150k. Thanks to the donor of some cash :)

QBPixel Sage January 5 2007 3:13 AM EST

Very nice of you =). However, I hope that such a prize doesn't become an impetus for nominees to want to win.

BootyGod January 5 2007 1:24 PM EST

If a possible QB let the money affect them, would they really have been nominated for QB in the first place? OB, you don't count. We all know how greedy you are ;)

QBOddBird January 5 2007 1:28 PM EST

You're only saying that because I already know how great I am....

Besides, just because I was nominated for QB once before doesn't mean I will be again. Don't assume too much!

BootyGod January 5 2007 1:31 PM EST

I will assume what I wish. I'm pretty good at it!

BootyGod January 6 2007 1:38 PM EST

Okay, had some feedback from someone.

As of now, the total amount being given away will be 300k. That's all I saying for now.
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