A or E XBow? Help me make most use of the Free Retrain! (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 6 2007 5:46 PM EST


I've been planning to make a few changes to my current set up, and the Free Retrain is too good an opportunity to miss.

My minions Roles will not be changing. My front minion will remain a PL HP battery, and my second minion my main damage dealing Tank.

The largest change I plan to make is to drop the MgS. To compensate for this I'm going to change EC for AMF. I feel I will benefit from this, causing damage as well as reducing DD, and allowing me to train more things on my Tank.

My Tank will then change to train DM to just undr 1/4 of my RoS, and will Train VA. I miss VA. Without that and DM, GA was really hurting me, as PL doesn't absorb it. Of course, I won't drain with VA when facing PL, but then they won't be using GA on my either. ;)

That's the Tank Sorted. Just the PL Battery.

The only thing I want to change with him, is to use a special XBow with a set of BG.

My Tank will have lower DEX than usual, training Evasion equal to my DEX. This is making me great for dodging other Tanks, but can hurt my chance of hitting in return.

As for Items on my ank, I'm optin for pure stat boosts. TSA, AoM, HoE and BoM for STR, EG, EC, EB for Dex. This should allow me to reach some very respectable increase amounts (Around 90% STR and 40-50% Dex). One of the reaons I'm not dropping Evasion for BL, is that it allows me to not have to use a set of DB.

So, back to the XBow. I want my PL Battery to do something to help my Tank, without becoming susceptable to taking return damage from either AMF (If I trained a DD) or GA (If I use a weapon), but I don't want to suck up too much of my WA with a second weapon. I'm saving all that for my VB. ;)

The special XBows are great here. I don't need to do more than 1 point of damage, so trake nothing from any GA return. I'll have no Melee weapon, so get to use it once ever other round in Melee as well.

But which one? With 20 DEX, I'm only gonna be hitting low DEX targets, until I can pump my wepaon '+' enough.

I'm leaning toward an AXBow atm, even if I don't hit during Ranged Combat, I'll continue to plink away during Melee, and if I score any hits, it'll help my low DEX Tank hit in the following Melee rounds.

Would an EXBow be the better choice though? Both only effect Tanks, and it's gonna be hard hitting any Tank. But it's better than not trying!;)

The Belegs are there just to help make sure I do at least 1 point of damage per hit, evenwith 20 STR. ;)

horseguy001 January 6 2007 5:54 PM EST

I remember with purification II a great combination for me was evasion + Axbow, although that will be alot trickier for your team since I was using a ToA. I was getting a huge dex advantage coupled with evasion, I was never getting hit, even by bigger tanks.

Though for you I think actually hitting the tanks is going to be difficult.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 6 2007 5:56 PM EST

Oh yeah! ;) It will be used on a 20 DEX minion. I don't want to use it on my Tank, as I really don't want to lose the first Melee round. Plus, I'm just looking at this as something a little extra, not a pivotal part of the strat. ;)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 6 2007 6:03 PM EST

This is why I want to do something like this...

Living Deathsuit 585 250 -61,648 -36,988 29 8 7,368
Void cast Ethereal Chains on all enemy Minions (61668)

Ranged Combat
Living Deathsuit missed Annihilation

Living Deathsuit hit Annihilation [8]
Annihilation looks clumsier!

Annihilation has nearly 300K DEX. And I still managed to hit, cause damage and reduce his DEX, all while having Negative STR and DEX myself. ;)

horseguy001 January 6 2007 6:04 PM EST

I was actually going to do that with this strat, an exbow on one E and an Ax on the other. What I found was they were unable to hit anything, so I trained haste and found they were still unable to hit anything :(

So now GA is there consistently returning 1/3 the damage of my tank :D Its unfortunate for you however, since you dont have that option with your team.

Although because you are 2 minion I doubt you need to worry about tanks with your evasion. Imagine if your team was the same MPR as mine, your tank would be twice as strong. Mind you, I have an extra 2 minions supporting me, but single tank teams like Shade's or JW are starting to catch me...and evasion won't save me forever :D

Kong Ming January 6 2007 9:52 PM EST

GL, you better up the + on that axbow if you really want to have it on a 20 DEX minion. Maybe you should just train at least 5k DEX on that minion. Also, I believe an exbow is a better choice since opponents can still hit you if their weapons have high +. But with less str, they are not going to dish out a lot of damage.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 6 2007 10:36 PM EST

AX, I'm hoping jon will let the weapons keep draining below 0..

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 7 2007 6:20 AM EST

They don't drain below zero... :( Oh.. That makes AX faily useless then.

I thought an AX would be better, as it could be used versus Mages/Walls with Evasion, as taking DEX into Negative would lower thier defensive DEX from Evasion.

So, for example, a Single Mage with 20 DEX and 500K Evasion, if hit with an AX that drians 50K Dex per hit, would lose only 20 DEX, and that's it?

QBJohnnywas January 7 2007 6:23 AM EST

I was under the impression that the ex and axbows could take your opponent into negatives, if they were pumped enough, but once you got them there the next round would target the next person in line with dex left.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 7 2007 6:34 AM EST

Jon, could we change AX seeking to take defensive DEX from Evasion into account?
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