Idea (in General)

Hi im Jake January 6 2007 10:07 PM EST

also like an ebay auction would it be possible to watch an item or items at to show when its ending whats its price and so on.

Timberwolf January 6 2007 10:10 PM EST

Could you translate that to English please?

Hi im Jake January 6 2007 10:12 PM EST

on myebay page you have the ability to track an item while it goes through its auction so instead of going back and finding it you can just look at the price its at on your main page

TheHatchetman January 6 2007 10:19 PM EST

1,) "Please give a descriptive subject. 'I have a question'
is a poor subject; so is '... an idea.' 'How does the black market work?'
is better, or, 'Idea: increasing Clan interaction.' " - the page where u post a forum..

2,) You mean they should impliment a system that automatically makes you aware should you be outbid, and gives you a link to the auction, so that you may place a new bid, or decide to give up? Or do you mean an area where you could track your bids, and i could track 'My bids'? That sounds great. Man! Why hasn't someone thought of this before?

Hi im Jake January 6 2007 10:29 PM EST
like this with no picture and this would be below your char

QBOddBird January 6 2007 10:33 PM EST

Auctions: My Bids.

That's the feature you're looking for.

Hi im Jake January 6 2007 10:39 PM EST

yes but also items that you have not bid on and want to watch them and move in in the last minute like that item i have not bid on( i already have that game). plus you could view it on your main page

Timberwolf January 6 2007 10:42 PM EST

Are you wanting to 'snipe' auctions?
You do know that bidding at the last second just resets the auction remaining time to 15 minutes?

Just bid on an item and watch it in the 'Auctions>My Bids' screen.

QBOddBird January 6 2007 10:43 PM EST

Mmmm. Yeah, that'd be nice...we'll see if Jon gives us another lazy link. =)

TheHatchetman January 7 2007 12:58 AM EST

And bidding at the last minute doesnt reset anything due to the new proxy bidding. But should u choose to bid at the last second, you stand a good chance of just autoraising their bid. So, in doing this, you gained nothing more than costing someone else more money. Good job.

Hi im Jake January 7 2007 1:00 AM EST

still it could alert you when a auction is ending soon so you could outbid the other person

QBOddBird January 7 2007 1:02 AM EST

Meh, no need to be sarcastic with him, guys - and there's not always a max bid set on an item.

It isn't a bad suggestion at all, I just don't see Jon giving us something like that. But it would be nice if he did. ^_^

TheHatchetman January 7 2007 1:02 AM EST

Click 'Auctions', it'll show you a list of the auctions ending the soonest...

Search with a blank box, and itll give you a list of all items, sorted by end time if you so choose...

Hi im Jake January 7 2007 1:03 AM EST

yes but what of us lazy people

TheHatchetman January 7 2007 1:08 AM EST

I don't think i get it, you would like to have to:

Go into auctions
Find an item that peaks your interest,
Set it so that it is shown on user page,
So that you can conveniently scroll down, and click the item,
So that it will bring you to a bidding page.

While I:
Go into auctions
Look through the list,
Bid, or go 'Home'

Wow! You ARE lazy. :-P

Hi im Jake January 7 2007 1:23 AM EST

it would just be a lot easy er if you could scroll down and see the auctions you are bidding on and the ones that are intresting

TheHatchetman January 7 2007 1:35 AM EST

eh... to-may-to - to-mot-o, po-tay-to - po-tot-o. I don't see it
your way, but you seem quite intent on it, so good luck to ya.

Vicious Cat January 7 2007 5:28 AM EST

One good reason for not bidding on an item until near the end is the raising of funds - I have been a victim of this recently.
Unfortunately, I think Jonathan has other priorities :-)

Daz January 7 2007 5:54 AM EST

I don't think its as useful in this situation. There aren't really enough items to warrant it. If it sent a chatmail out, thats cool, but you still have to be signed in at the time for it to really mean anything, and if you're not signed in, then you get a chatmail and get your hopes up, then they are CRUSHED like BEETLES.

I mean, it wouldn't be a negative feature, definitely in the positive, but its not really a big thing on CB auctions. Just set a reminder on your phone, or something :P

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] January 7 2007 7:00 AM EST

Why would we want to encourage auction sniping?
I'm pretty sure that is why proxy bidding was introduced, to allow people not at their computers to have a chance at winning and to set a bid which they found reasonable and couldn't complain about a higher bid.
If you want an item in auctions badly enough either bid on it when you see it or note the time left on the clock and raise the funds needed/make sure you are there at that time.
Plus sniping doesn't work too well now anyway as people will likely already have max bids higher than what it shows so you just increase the other persons cost because you thought you could get it cheap(ish) but their max valuation was higher.
We don't want to become ebay, the proxy bidding was just something which the majority felt was desperately needed, and Jon isn't too keen on Lazy Links anyway, ask Veri to add that to his script if you 'need' it.
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