The Hatchetman loan to Shinobu the Nekogirl (in Public Record)

TheHatchetman January 7 2007 5:39 AM EST

Loaning: 2m.
Charging: Transfers +2% interest /week (first week -transfers to be applied upon sending of the money)

KittehShinobu January 7 2007 5:41 AM EST


TheHatchetman January 7 2007 5:47 AM EST

The Hatchetman (The Hatchetman) Shinobu the Nekogirl
(Naru & Mutsumi) $2000000 5:42 AM EST

Amount owed: 2m (loan) + 10k (transfers) + 40k = 2,050,000
Interest Compounds: Sundays at 11:59 PM

TheHatchetman January 7 2007 6:16 AM EST

Loaning another 1m. Transfers are 5k, interest is another 20k.

Total due (when i send the other mil): $3,075,000


KittehShinobu January 7 2007 6:16 AM EST

1 mil + to loan ^_^ 2% premium kept Accept

TheHatchetman January 11 2007 12:50 AM EST

I'm feeling nice :-), interest waived for the next two weeks. Happy Belated Birthday!

QBPixel Sage January 18 2007 9:43 PM EST

Sent 3m for Angellic Shinobu. Remaining balance looks to be 75k.

TheHatchetman January 18 2007 10:23 PM EST

QBPixel Sage (Bank of Carnage) The [naked] Hatchetman
(The Hatchetman) $3000000 -- For Angellic Shinobu 9:42 PM EST

Indeed, thanks Pixel and Shinobu, only 75k left :)

KittehShinobu January 18 2007 11:33 PM EST

75k paid ^_^ owing 0
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