Over 121,461,182 battles served! (in General)

BootyGod January 9 2007 5:19 PM EST

What's special about that? Nothing really. But I saw it today, and for the first time... just... wow..

That's... ALOT... of... BA.

Congratulations everyone. This game is personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of arrow and enter keys!

noneedforthese January 9 2007 5:24 PM EST

Hmm, doesn't anyone else use mousewheel and left click?

Thraklight Resonance January 9 2007 5:25 PM EST

I'm curious about the final number of battles served over on CB1. I know we passed the 160 million mark before the end, but I don't recall passing 170 million.

It would be nice to have close to an exact number so that we have a community goal ... beat the CB1 total ... and possibly a contest.

TheHatchetman January 9 2007 5:25 PM EST

much love to the 'C'

Miandrital January 9 2007 5:25 PM EST

Nope, but I can attest to the fact that my mouse has a large spot in it due to extensive clicking.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 9 2007 5:28 PM EST

Down arrow and Enter for me. ;)

I rest my middle finger over the left arrow key, ring finger for Down and index finger for enter.

Works wonders! ;)

bartjan January 9 2007 5:48 PM EST


horseguy001 January 9 2007 6:07 PM EST

GL and I CB in the same way :D

It could be a new ad campaign for the game..."How do you CB?"

BootyGod January 9 2007 6:21 PM EST

Bartjan rolls with some style lol.
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