Whip... (in General)

House January 9 2007 8:10 PM EST

Whip of Fangs...a 5 headed whip carrying venomous viper heads , only used by enchanters or mages in melee. can be used in conjunction with DD spells.........

Tear it apart, build on it, just an idea....

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] January 9 2007 8:24 PM EST

Sounds like a whip with Medusa's head on it.

The rest of the community may tear it up but i like it; However,what do you mean used with DD spells?

Mages don't use weapons so maybe you should elaborate as to how it would work without giving mages to much power with both a DD and Weapon.

Hi im Jake January 9 2007 8:38 PM EST

i think it would be cool to have some items for the mage but make it so you could only use in mele rounds and also make it only be able to hit in a certain amount of round otherwise there will be a uneven balance between them

Brakke Bres [Ow man] January 9 2007 8:46 PM EST

pure mage items will never happen, if jon adds those to the game, the option for a simple, easy and most of all cheap strategy is gone.

Adminedyit [Superheros] January 9 2007 9:00 PM EST

"pure mage items will never happen"

AG, CoI.....

TBH never enough gabber January 9 2007 9:08 PM EST

mages, hahahahahahahahahaha

seriously why bother, i'll quite from fiest's "shadow of a dark queen"

First mage casts spell, second mage tries to negate spell, third tries to help first, fourth tries to help second, they're all there throwing magic around then an army comes and chops them all up

RaptorX January 9 2007 9:32 PM EST

Maybe it could be a ranged weapon for CoC mages to help them be better? And so require less dx than usual for hits but be limited by reduced potential damage.

Also?? sounds neat maybe just as a regular melee weapon, with venom / poison that keeps on working after the hit. Just an idea.

Unappreciated Misnomer January 10 2007 12:17 PM EST

i like the idea of damage over time like poison, 'Venom Staff' deals a % of damage based on the targes total HP after all spells cast. i dont know if the item should be capable of being upgraded. should be set to a set % of damage like 10% or something reasonable. also serves no purpose to do damage in melee rounds

Unappreciated Misnomer January 10 2007 12:20 PM EST

to bring it back to the title, poison tipped whip? cast once per battle. maybe it can do greater damage by only affecting one minion. randomly or the one with the greatest HP, or all evenly and does not increase if a minion dies

House January 11 2007 3:21 AM EST

did not generate the discourse I had hoped for...back to the drawing board to attempt another amazing idea...humph
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