Strat Advice: EET (in General)

Trashcan January 9 2007 9:12 PM EST

Hey all, TC here after about a 2 year hiatus. Been playing WoW a bit here and there and in college, but want to return to CB2 (wishing I hadn’t given all my gear away to Shade lol). Back in CB1 I had perfected a strategy that I really liked and worked well (Dusk was the character for any of you who may remember me) Now I need advice if it could be feasible in CB2 with new all the new skills, tattoos, and items. Thanks for your help in advance =)

E1: 1/2 AMF and 1/2 AS. Simple enough. Gear: Enchanter gear.
E2: Small EC and most into Haste. Gear: Enchanter gear.
T: HP, Str, VA or Prot (can’t remember exactly, pretty sure it was VA cause of the Morgul) and Evasion. Gear: Heavy armor with all the +str I could get. Pretty Sure this is what I had: AC, Tulkas, CMLs, BoM, SC, HoD. Had a Morgul and an Exbow as my weapons.

The point of this strat was to have a huge tank basically annihilate everything. With a large Dex combined with EC, I would often get double/triple strikes. With my exbow and EC I would reduce the str so they wouldn’t hit hard at all. I had a huge AC so that would reduce the damage dealt even further.

I can’t remember if Evasion is different now then it was in CB1, but I think it was a bit different. Back then I was working on eliminating my CMLs as I was forging up a large pair of DBs. (They helped with Evasion back then I think).

So thoughts on what I’ve been thinking about to make it CB2 viable. First was that my tattoo should be a RoS on one of my enchanters, probably the AMF/AS. For the tank, some things I’ve been looking at were TSA/MgS for the DD reduction, but I’m still leaning towards a BoM for the Str increase. An amulet of might or of AC would be my options, not sure which I’d like. I’m leaning towards Prot on my tank, since VA would take way to much points to make it effective with all my casting penalties. BL would probably be a good option since I have a large dex penalty for the Evasion, though even a low evasion would give me more survivability vs. other tanks.

So yeah, thanks for reading and any advice you can lend. This will take a long time to put together, but its gonna be fun to start playing again.

QBOddBird January 9 2007 9:22 PM EST

A low Evasion would *not* give you more survivability vs. other tanks. That's just not going to work - the Defensive DX won't be high enough to do much and the small -PTH will just drop off an extra hit or two. A big BL to combine with your MH's inherent VA and possibly a trained VA would suit you much better.

ToE or RoS would both work quite well - The DM protection is nice, but it doesn't protect against as much as one would like. I'd mostly be RoS so you could have that boost to AS.

I'd stick with the Heavy AC bit on the tank - that damage reduction with the HP gain from the MH would be a nice combination, especially if combined with the ToE.

I'd probably go half and half between EC and Haste - you could always put the RoS on the EC/Haste guy and let your AS guy simply be protected. If you need more HP, just put another + on your Corn. I'd also suggest the Evasion be on your very frontmost Enchanter, so he can dodge at least a few rounds of Ranged (the reason I say this is because Evasion gets multiplied to quite a high level during ranged rounds).

On the tank, if you were thinking BoM, you'll be disappointed. It only gives 1/3 of a % per point on it with a 2hander like the MH, so at +24 you'd get a measly 8% STR boost. Not that great. Blocking 30% DD damage or adding to your already nice AC would be a much preferably option.

Exbow/EC are a great plan. My view on EC is this, though: go all or nothing on it. Small ECs are not that great, as they barely reduce damage and rarely dent the opponent's DX - but if it is big enough to drop the DX on small tanks and bring STR down to Ex-drainable levels on the ToA guys, it'll be fantastic. But then that's just my view.

Additionally, that Haste would work best with a small Evasion on the first two minions, just because it'll add to the Defensive DX already there. No need to waste those extra DX points!

There you have it, my two cents. Enjoy your read, it will be a lengthy one if you choose to go through all this.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] January 9 2007 9:29 PM EST

Welcome back :)

A few small things:

I'd suggest going all haste on E2, because of DM and the low level to reduction ratio on EC, a small one wont be doing much, expecially to tanks with a ToA.

For STR enhancing gear on your tank, I would switch the HoD out for a HoE.

If you are going to use a Morg as your melee, I'd stray from using VA, since it gets hit very hard by DM, and usually ends up being close to useless.

I'd also suggest putting the RoS on E2, because that Haste is going to be your only source of DX on the tank, so unless you get a Morg with a really big +, you are going to need all the DX you can find to get past some of the huge evasions out there.

Also on the tank, I think Bloodlust would serve you better than evasion, since evasion takes a fairly hefty amount of EXP to be really useful, then again, with all STR enhancing gear, BL would take a big chunk of EXP as well.

I'd stay away from training Prot for the same reason I'd stay away from VA, the DM hits it hard, and even if it doesn't, prot is not very cost effective past somewhere around 28-30.

If you choose a TSA on the tank, I'd lower the AMF to 1/3 because a TSA can seriously hurt magic damage.

For the amulet on the tank, its between an AoAC for the extra AC, or an AoI, which would allow you to put the tank up front and still have it attacked last, meaning you can use your enchanters to block MM (which attacks the last minion first now)

So, I'd suggest a final strategy of:

E1: 1/2 (1/3 if you use TSA) AMF, 1/2 AS
E2: All Haste
T: HP, STR, BL(or evasion)

T Equipment: Adam (or a TSA), Tulks, CML, BoM, SC, HoE, AoAC (or AoI)
Weapons: Morg, ExBow/ELB (ExBow can be rendered pretty useless due to PL now)
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