Atomicboy / RaptorX Deal for elven stuff. (in Public Record)

RaptorX January 10 2007 8:43 PM EST

I will pay 1.6 mill now and 1.6 mill later for elven gloves +10 and an elven cloak +11 (or vice versa). He is giving me an interest free loan in the mean time - if not paid in a month I will give him a +44 MCM instead of the 1.6 I still owe. But I plan to get some CB for cash soon and pay him back.

Atomicboy [The Knighthood] January 10 2007 8:45 PM EST


(CB1)Atomicboy (Crisis) RaptorX (Galadriel) An Elven Cloak ($1069576) 8:44 PM EST
(CB1)Atomicboy [t] (Crisis) RaptorX [t] (Galadriel) A Pair of Elven Gloves ($678916) 8:44 PM EST

item sent.

RaptorX January 11 2007 9:41 PM EST

loan finished -- just paid 1.6 mill today.
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