Free retraining is here (in Changelog)

AdminJonathan January 11 2007 1:09 AM EST

I have a couple small tweaks that may make it in during the next couple days, but the big changes for "December" are done. Enjoy.

TBH never enough gabber January 11 2007 1:10 AM EST

yes thank you

horseguy001 January 11 2007 1:24 AM EST

woo thanks Jon :D

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] January 11 2007 3:56 AM EST

You sir, are doing one heck of a good job on this here site :)

Flamey January 11 2007 3:57 AM EST

we confirmed one week?

I can't be bothered looking, so just tell me, don't snap.

Ankh-Weasel [Non-ASCII Characters] January 11 2007 5:31 AM EST


You can be bothered to post in order to get a question answered, and you can be bothered to say that you can't be bothered to look - but can't be bothered to just look.

My word.

TheHatchetman January 11 2007 5:51 AM EST

Flamey, we have 2 weeks of free retraining. Anyone that could CHECK THE ORIGINAL POST BY JONATHAN could see that...

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] January 11 2007 6:01 AM EST

I thought it was three. Can someone check that for me?

Zhakrin [Knights who say Ni] January 11 2007 6:04 AM EST

Jonathan, December 27 2006 2:43 PM EST
After changemonth (Jan 1, or when I'm done :) we'll have 5 days of free retraining.

TH3 C0113CT0R January 11 2007 8:30 AM EST

LOL @ Hatchet

QBOddBird January 11 2007 11:58 PM EST

WEWT thanks a ton there, Jon! =) Can't wait to play with this! Nice work on all these changes and new items, I lover it!
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