DM, AMF etc... questions (in General)

muon [The Winds Of Fate] January 19 2007 4:55 AM EST


This question is sort of the outcome of a conversation I had in chat with Popsicle_Man, noneedforthese, Duke and Flamey.

The question that I wish to ask is this:

Let's assume that I have a four minion team, each minion has exactly the same amount of experience.

Minion 1: Ablative Shield 100,000 (50,000)
Minion 2: Ablative Shield 100,000 (50,000)
Minion 3: Magic Missile 100,000 (48,000)
Minion 4: Magic Missile 100,000 (48,000)

Now assume that I have a second four minion team, each minion with the same amount of experience also:

Minion 1: Dispel Magic 100,000 (80,000)
Minion 2: HP 80,000, Dispel Magic 25,000 (20,000)
Minion 3: Antimagic Field 100,000 (?)
Minion 4: Antimagic Field 100,000 (?)


Ok, correct me if I am wrong, but when the battle starts, this is what it looks like:

Team2Minion1 casts DM :. reduces the AS's of the opposing team's minions by 80,000

So their new stats are:

M1: AS 20,000 (10,000)
M2: AS 20,000 (10,000)

Team2Minion2 casts DM :. reduces the AS's of the opposing team's minions by 20,000

So their new stats are:

M1: AS 0 (0)
M2: AS 0 (0)


Ouch. despite having 4 minions, (or possibly five if one of them had a familiar), the effectiveness of the AS is zero, despite spending waaaay more exp on the spell than the other team spent on it's spell (DM - T2M2 also spent on HP, remember).


Then we take a look at AMF. I haven't done the logic, but I imagine that the situation is similar. A single AMF will be of equal strength as each of the two MM casters, so the effect from just one AMF on both will be (0.5) effect. That means, damage inflicted by the MM will be halved, AND there will be splashback damage!!! Even just one AMF in this case and the battle is already over! The final minion could invest in tanky stuff and never get touched, hardly (each MM minion on the opposing side would die on their first round, due to having no health at all).


I guess the questions are as follows:

1) is my understanding of how the spells work correct? Yes... I have read the wiki...

2) does this prove that investing in either ED or DD is always negative experience efficient due to EO spells? IE - wherever somebody trains an ED, they should train DM or AMF instead? Wherever they train a DD, they should train HP, Str, Dex and buy a big VB?

This is what it looks like to me... but if it is the case, then the only useful spell in the game is Ethereal Chains (since if everybody dropped ED's for DM, then there would be no use for DM - so train HP instead as a wall, and since nobody is training DD spells, AMF is useless so again, train HP).

I mean, I understand that diversity keeps a check on this (if everyone did what i said above, then a single FB mage would own hard), but it just seems that the EO's are slightly overpowered...


muon [The Winds Of Fate] January 19 2007 5:08 AM EST

1) is my understanding of how the spells work correct? Yes... I have read the wiki...

I meant "And yes, I have read the wiki", not "Yes, i know I'm right about how the spells work".

In short, I'm not sure how the spells work, but I have read the wiki.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 19 2007 5:53 AM EST

1: Yes. :)

2: Yes-ish. Not every team will have both DM and AMF (a rare few with the super powerful RoS do). If you use both DD and ED, your ED will be crap versus DM using teams, likewise your DD will be reduced facing AMF.

But, you will gain power (in a way, it's probably better to think of it as lowering the power of your opponent) when you face teams with EC, if you don't have a Tank (Well, assuming you don't use Evasion, and they don't have a Tank on thier team to take advantage...)

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