CTH and archery (in General)

Kong Ming January 24 2007 9:29 AM EST

I was reading through wiki on archery and chance to hit. It states that if you train archery to 1.00, you'll get a 100% base chance to hit. This base chance to hit is used to calculate the "overall" chance to hit that you can get after considering the PTH of your ToA and bow. If there is no archery trained, your base chance to hit will become 20% and this will lead to a much lower overall chance to hit. Am I reading this right?

TheHatchetman January 24 2007 9:31 AM EST

yes, but I believe that's the chance to fire... you're not gonna suffer any penalty of accuracy without archery :)

Kong Ming January 24 2007 9:37 AM EST

This is the one in wiki:

Each round, calculations ensue to determine whether or not you can land one or more hits. To do this, there are several factors at play, namely, Dexterity (DX) and weapon plus-to-hit (PTH). Remember that various things can reduce your effective DX or PTH. All calculations represented are based on your effect values (ie, after all detrimental effects such as Evasion).

* First, there are penalties or bonuses associated with the weapon type (1-handed or 2-handed). Every weapon has a base chance to hit (CTH) of 50% modified by adding a third or subtracting a third. Once you get to your third attempt at hitting, the bonus or penalty goes away and you're left with 50%. So:

1H: 50% * 1.333 = 66%
2H: 50% * 0.667 = 33%

From testing with GL and neveras we think that its posible tht 2H base CTH is 37.5%

Call this value H

* There is also the DX-based CTH, found as a ratio of your DX to your attacker's, modified by your weapon. This is capped at 100% + H:

Your DX / Opponent DX * H

Call this value D

* There is the PTH on your weapon, added as a straight percentage (PTH).
* Finally, there are penalties applied that grow with each hit (R). Subsequent hits become increasingly hard to conduct.

All of this combines to form your hit percentage. If it's above 0, add 5, and that determines if you can hit and if you get to keep trying. This all boils down to H + D + PTH - R + 5. An example will illustrate this better:

EX 1

* Attacker: 150k DX, a +120 1H weapon
* Defender: 50k DX, a +150 DB

H = 66%

D = 150K/50K * 66% = 198% cap at 166% (H+100)

D + PTH = 166% + (-30) = 136%

D + PTH + MAGIC 5% = 136% +5%

D + PTH + MAGIC 5% = 136% +5%

Does it work the same way for ranged weapons? Is there a cap for D?

Talion January 24 2007 1:10 PM EST

... and Archery does increase your chance to hit when the effect is bigger (as well as your chance to fire). I had a similar conversation a while back about this and it was confirmed.

AdminNightStrike January 24 2007 1:39 PM EST

Archery either affects your final CTH or your base CTH, not sure which. ie, every weapon has a base CTH of 50%, modified based on being 1H or 2H. 1H weapons are buffed to 66%, and 2H are nerfed to around 37%. I have no idea if bows count as 1H or 2H (I would imagine 2). If Archery modifies the base CTH, and if bows are 2H, then it would become 50(0.2)(0.667) = ~7% CTH for H in the equations given in the wiki. This assumes Archery of 0.0. Modify 0.2 as a linear interpolation of your Archery score between 0.2 and 0.9 for all bows except the ELB, which is between 0.2 and 1.0.

If Archery modifies the final CTH, then you must first add your PTH to your DX advantage * H, account for ranged penalties, and multiply that by your linearly interpolated Archery score.

TheHatchetman January 24 2007 3:17 PM EST

speaking of which, has this been addressed?
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