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GO PATS January 26 2007 12:13 PM EST

This quote may not be exact... but I think I saw it in a movie, or somewhere, anyway, I'd just like to find out where, and more exactly what the quote is, and who said it.

"A man held a handful of dust, and foolishly wished for as many years of life as there were grains of dust. He had forgotten to wish for years of youth."

QBsutekh137 January 26 2007 12:34 PM EST

Just Google that exact phrase, sans quotes.

Not sure what that first link is about, but it is a lead, and you can Google just as easily as I can. *smile*

Seriously, why won't folks use the greatest tool the Internet has to offer? No matter how many words, no matter what the phrase, Google (and then Google Groups) is the best start _anywhere_.

Caedmon [Revenge of the Forgers] January 26 2007 1:24 PM EST

It shows up a number of places, all seemingly quoting the myth of Sybil.

Take the "as many years of life as there were grains of dust" phrase and plug it into google books. You'll get a handful of hits.

GO PATS January 27 2007 10:49 AM EST

I guess from the one hit that I got, that it's from the poem "The Wasteland"... so that's settled... I'm just still trying to figure out what movie it was in, :)

And by the way, I posted this question here after about 20 minutes of googling with no good results...

Cheshire Cat February 1 2007 2:07 PM EST

it's from V for Vendetta, i searched it's a whole site of movie quotes and other movie related things.

hope that helps ^_^


Unappreciated Misnomer February 1 2007 2:11 PM EST

i remember seeing it in full metal alchemist

Cheshire Cat February 1 2007 2:13 PM EST

you can also try that's a good quote page too
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