I made a CB theme that needs feedback (in General)

NoFear January 27 2007 3:25 PM EST

URL: http://cb.dontpanic.nl/NoFear/

Can people have a look at it and give me feedback on what they like and what I could change. If lots of people like it hopefully It'll be made permanent.

If you're a supporter, go to 'Settings' | 'Supporter Preferences' | Custom: [insert URL here] | 'Set Supporter Preferences'

th00p January 27 2007 3:29 PM EST

Me like very much!

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] January 27 2007 3:32 PM EST

Awsome job!

The colors are pretty sweet.

winner winner January 27 2007 3:35 PM EST

I wasn't able to find a valid cb.css in that directory. Either your theme is malformed or your host isn't cooperating.

bartjan January 27 2007 3:38 PM EST

Sniper, as I already told you in chat: that trailing slash is vital...

Also NoFear: where do you plan to host this theme?

NoFear January 27 2007 3:53 PM EST

I'm not to sure as of yet, do i have to save the CSS, and images and upload them? maybe file lodge.

BootyGod January 27 2007 3:53 PM EST

Nice. I wanted a red/black/ white theme :)

Timberwolf January 27 2007 4:34 PM EST

Check with your ISP to see if they provide free webspace, most do.
Dig around your ISP's website and see if there is any mention of it.
If they do offer it, they should have instructions there of how to utilize it.

Relic January 27 2007 5:53 PM EST

Nice theme, but I think there is too much white text. It could use a bit more variety in the font colors.

th00p January 27 2007 9:48 PM EST

True, maybe making the sidebar headings a dark grey would look better.

th00p January 29 2007 1:25 AM EST

Better idea for this: make links that were already clicked a different color so the active threads list, among other things, isn't blinding ;-)

NoFear January 31 2007 1:34 AM EST

I changed the link text from white to a light grey... its easier on the eyes but harder to read.

Gandalf January 31 2007 7:54 AM EST

nice job. =)

Hi im Jake January 31 2007 9:58 AM EST

very cool

Relic January 31 2007 10:09 AM EST

I like the change, however I think it still needs to have two different fonts in the active threads (read and unread threads).

NoFear January 31 2007 10:33 AM EST

I changed the link colours yet again, every link colour is now a brighter grey (but not to bright) and when they're visited it goes toa slightly darker grey. (i can't make them red/white because it changes every link colour on the site not just the forums)

QBJohnnywas January 31 2007 10:46 AM EST

I really like this; I like the way it makes my user pic look!

I'm also liking the red on black. Nice. ;)

bartjan January 31 2007 10:47 AM EST

You can be much more selective into which links you want the color changed...

FsL-masta January 31 2007 11:04 PM EST

yeah thats raw

[RX3]Cotillion January 31 2007 11:57 PM EST

Hmmm . Maybe in the Battle pages you could make 'Your Character' and 'Enemy Character's names different. To me, the green and pink don't really match. Otherwise, it's pretty friggin sweet.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] February 1 2007 3:11 AM EST

What am I doing wrong .I put the url in the right place am I supposed to change it some way??

TheHatchetman February 1 2007 3:12 AM EST

do you have the / at the end?

[RX3]Cotillion February 1 2007 4:28 AM EST

and did u make sure u deleted the http:// that is already there?

bartjan February 1 2007 5:25 AM EST

Click here to set the theme.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] February 1 2007 8:33 AM EST

Hmm Looks nice but I still prefer the default theme.The Blacks mildly depressing .
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