Linux Genuine Advantage (in Off-topic)

Shelingar February 2 2007 10:45 PM EST

According to an independent study conducted by some scientists, many users of Linux are running non-Genuine versions of their operating system. This puts them at the disadvantage of having their computers work normally, without periodically phoning home unannounced to see if it's OK for their computer to continue functioning. These users are also missing out on the Advantage of paying ongoing licensing fees to ensure their computer keeps operating properly.

To remedy this, we have created a new program available as a required free download: Linux Genuine Advantage¬ô!

Miandrital February 2 2007 11:41 PM EST

Lol, I love how the program actually does mess with your computer.

QBsutekh137 February 3 2007 12:14 AM EST

I love the bullet points:

* Your computer, which worked just fine before, will continue functioning normally!
* Our software which you just installed will not disable logins on your computer (as long as our license server keeps working properly)!
* It's totally awesome!
* We might not raise the yearly licensing fees in the future!
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