LODD2/ Sniper_on_the_roof bet (in Public Record)

LODD2 February 4 2007 5:11 PM EST

I bet 20,000 worth of CB money to sniper that the colts beat the bears.

Do u confirm?

winner winner February 4 2007 5:12 PM EST

me confirm

LODD2 February 4 2007 5:19 PM EST

me confirm

please learn grammer

its I confirm

winner winner February 4 2007 5:23 PM EST

no need to get mad so easy

QBOddBird February 4 2007 5:30 PM EST

Especially when you can't even spell out 'you'. =)

Timberwolf February 4 2007 5:32 PM EST

...or 'grammar'.

TheHatchetman February 4 2007 6:05 PM EST

grammer- low-budget drug user? :P

winner winner February 4 2007 6:36 PM EST


winner winner February 5 2007 7:36 AM EST

Sniper on the roof (FranticFeeda) LODD2 (LODD3) $20000 7:36 AM EST
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