I need Momma Bast!!! (in Off-topic)

{CB1}Lukeyman February 5 2007 10:36 PM EST

"<thrakAsh> I guess it is time to have Bast sit down with Lukey and tell him where babies come from."

Bast? ummm..... So....

*sits down*

DreadedTiger [4x20] (-x) February 5 2007 10:39 PM EST

Wow I didn't think what were once jokes are now forum posts.. hmm. Listen to Lochnivar.. you're in over your head or something.

{CB1}Lukeyman February 5 2007 10:40 PM EST

sheesh, I leave for a few months, and now we're full of serious mcgee's here??

TheHatchetman February 5 2007 10:42 PM EST

preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Cut off a finger (they usually grow back)

Mix said finger into a cake.

Set every dollar you will ever make in your entire life on fire. (Not necessary, tho it will save time.)

Put the cake in the oven, bake it, then have your wife/gf/random woman you only met once, eat it.

about 9 months later, she'll be going to the bathroom, and drop your new son/daughter in the toilet.

Any more questions?

QBOddBird February 5 2007 10:43 PM EST

I thought you had to get a rib removed?

{CB1}Lukeyman February 5 2007 10:43 PM EST

ooooo!!! so I flush a fish in a toilet?

TheHatchetman February 5 2007 11:44 PM EST

flush = abortion

{CB1}Lukeyman February 6 2007 6:58 AM EST


It makes perfect sense now!!!!


So.. you put the lime in the coke you nut?

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] February 6 2007 7:06 AM EST

If all you've got to work with is a fish and a lime, I think it's too early for the discussion, dear.

QBOddBird February 6 2007 7:30 AM EST

So Bast turns you down, eh?

Never fear, young grasshopper. I will take you on as my student...I will teach you the art...of LOVE.

And once you can woo like the flower to the bee, Bast will teach you about babies.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] February 6 2007 7:35 AM EST

QBOvid thinks it's all in the dance. Don't listen to him, Lukey.

InebriatedArsonist February 6 2007 7:50 AM EST

The flower is just using the bee, Oddbird. I think you need more "art" instruction.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 6 2007 8:16 AM EST

Actually, after years of watching a very talented mate of mine,*It is all in the dance*...

Women are irrisitably drawn like moths to flames whenever he starts dancing.


Shame I'm not allowed anywhere near a dance floor, it's just too embarrising.


QBJohnnywas February 6 2007 8:32 AM EST

I find that half a dozen large vodka and tonics generally do the trick. And failing that chloroform.

QBJohnnywas February 6 2007 9:13 AM EST

Just to clarify (:P) the vodka and tonics and chloroform are best taken by yourself, before you get on that dance floor. You will be a much better dancer when completely relaxed....

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 6 2007 9:15 AM EST

Sure Johnny, we believe that's what you ment! ;)

QBBarzooMonkey February 6 2007 9:23 AM EST

I always thought you just bought babies at the Babies R Us store...

QBOddBird February 6 2007 4:37 PM EST

Poor Mrs. Monkey! 0=)

Bast, it *is* all in the dance...

Juzza February 7 2007 1:02 AM EST

i don't think it is all about the dance, last time i danced i accidentally punched someone in the head. She didnt think it was nice.

TheHatchetman February 7 2007 1:04 AM EST

For the record, you don't even have to dance well... Leaning, rocking, and snapping your fingers 'wit it' seems to work well too.
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