Congrats Sute!! (in Off-topic)

Flamey February 7 2007 12:10 AM EST

Koyaanisqatsi (2,304,980)
Hubbell (2,177,969)
NWO (2,144,747)
Critters (2,095,363)
Lorenzo (2,061,961)

Can you spot the difference? ;)

(5th to 2nd spot :O)

Tyriel [123456789] February 7 2007 12:14 AM EST

/waits for somebody to ask if it was worth it for the 3rd minion

Flamey February 7 2007 12:15 AM EST

He seemed to of done the right thing.

He made it Jct/DM, any DM is good DM so it just added on, and now his SF can be much stronger, I see no negative.

QBsutekh137 February 7 2007 12:22 AM EST

Added a few folks to my fight light, which is all that matters at this point... And I see some hope for the fourth minion...

If nothing else, I can get my money back by forging later. *smile* I've got nothing against that!

TheHatchetman February 7 2007 12:41 AM EST

Now... if only you could use Dispell AMF on your fourth... :P

QBsutekh137 February 7 2007 2:06 PM EST

Heh, my kingdom for an enchantment that benefitted my mage and familiar that way! At least an amulet!

Drama [Just for fun] February 13 2007 10:31 AM EST

Congrats Sutekh, you got the lead with 2,345,662 MPR. Ftw mage teams ;)
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