Drack/Noneedforthese (in Public Record)

Drack February 8 2007 5:37 AM EST

Drack (Kiesova) noneedforthese (Joyyp) $1000000 5:36 AM EST

6.2mil left

noneedforthese February 8 2007 6:55 PM EST

Reiterating the deal,

I have loaned Drack a +10 named Corn, a lvl 1.2mil named SF and a +7 AoF for a one time payment of just over 2million

I have also loaned cash to Drack which he is paying back 1 million at a time on each Fridays, which he has 6.2million left to pay.

Drack February 14 2007 11:18 PM EST

Drack (Kiesova) noneedforthese (Joyyp) $1000000 11:18 PM EST

5.2mil left

Drack February 17 2007 12:13 AM EST

Drack (Kiesova) noneedforthese (Joyyp) $500000 12:12 AM EST

4.7mil left

Drack February 23 2007 12:09 AM EST

Drack (Kiesova) noneedforthese (Joyyp) $1000000 12:08 AM EST

3.7mil left

Drack February 24 2007 7:41 PM EST

Since i cannot play CBII as often anymore

i'll be giving Noneedforthese all my items as thanks for bringing me into the game for the last 3 months
(also as some repayment to the loan)

I contacted G Bee about this and he said "no probs" that noneedforthese would not be considered a multi and reset.

I'm just waiting for noneedforthese to confirm this

noneedforthese February 24 2007 9:26 PM EST

Eh, I confirm but if I do get reset, since this was your idea, I will beat you with a stick.

I mean, I confirm.

Drack February 24 2007 10:59 PM EST

12,486 An Elven Long Bows [11x1] (+3)
A Vorpal Blade [5x2000] (+99)
A Cabasset [10] (+26)
A steel Familiar [4] (+13)
A Pair of Displacement Boots lvl 1,337,494
An Amulet of Focus [0] (+7)
Crown of Convergence [0] (+10)
A Helm of Clearsight [5] (+8)

Transfer fee: $385,885

He sent me 100k for the transfer fees as i did not have enough myself

Drack (Kiesova) noneedforthese (Joyyp) A Pair of Displacement Boots ($29610713) 10:58 PM EST
Drack (Kiesova) noneedforthese (Joyyp) 12,486 An Elven Long Bows ($17458) 10:57 PM EST
Drack (Kiesova) noneedforthese (Joyyp) A Vorpal Blade ($33105999) 10:57 PM EST
Drack (Kiesova) noneedforthese (Joyyp) An Amulet of Focus ($251976) 10:57 PM EST
Drack (Kiesova) noneedforthese (Joyyp) A Cabasset ($3065225) 10:57 PM EST
Drack (Kiesova) noneedforthese (Joyyp) A steel Familiar ($2967237) 10:57 PM EST
Drack (Kiesova) noneedforthese (Joyyp) Crown of Convergence ($6107385) 10:57 PM EST
Drack (Kiesova) noneedforthese (Joyyp) A Helm of Clearsight ($87706) 10:57 PM EST

Thanks for letting me get into CBII

Drack February 24 2007 11:00 PM EST

oh i forgot the mention

*debt all paid off* :P

Drack February 24 2007 11:57 PM EST

sent kiesova to noneedforthese as well - since i have no use for the character.. its just sitting there dying slowly

AdminNightStrike February 28 2007 11:27 AM EST

I wish i had debtors like that.......

Very admirable, Drack

Drack February 28 2007 5:52 PM EST

Thanks NS
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