Extremely odd with Tattoo NW in relation to PR... (in General)

TheHatchetman February 8 2007 11:52 PM EST

1,365,999 / 1,046,550 is my PR/MPR with just my ToE with $31,825,839 NW, and according to the Tatoos page in the wiki, 19.49 million NW added 294k in PR and 21.21 million NW added 314k in PR. So how is my 31.825 million NW adding less than 320k?

AdminNightStrike February 9 2007 12:05 AM EST

The amount of PR something adds increases as MPR increases.

TheHatchetman February 9 2007 12:14 AM EST

so then... how are the references in the wiki page relevant at all?

Lochnivar February 9 2007 12:59 AM EST

I'm assuming that tattoo is below your max tattoo right?
Otherwise not all of it would count towards PR.

Just a thought.

Flamey February 9 2007 1:14 AM EST

His Tat seems to be under his Max Tattoo.

Duke February 9 2007 1:26 AM EST

Is the wiki page have been update since the change?

TheHatchetman February 9 2007 1:27 AM EST

my tat is under my max tattoo, which means that all of my tattoo's nw would count towards my MPR.

AdminNightStrike February 9 2007 1:28 AM EST

Those entries in the wiki are back from before Jon changed armor PR to be relative to MPR. Look here:

AdminNightStrike February 9 2007 1:29 AM EST

Admin, please edit my post to fix the link, and delete this post.

TheHatchetman February 9 2007 2:05 AM EST

okay, the reasoning behind my tattoo adding what it does makes more sense after reading that. although, i had to change the ip to 'carnageblender.com' for it to work.

AdminNightStrike February 9 2007 7:52 AM EST

I use ssh tunnels to connect to CB from all over the country :)
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