Basic Question: Damage Taken (in General)

Vicious Cat February 9 2007 1:17 PM EST

The Wiki seems to say that the damage reported by the fight log is the actual damage taken (after all modifiers).
Minion with 5,437 HP and reported A/S of 8575 - A theoretical Total of 14012 (she's 1 of 5, but I think that's already taken care of?)
She gets hit with 18644.
The stats report end HPs of -2,577
Is the Wiki wrong - ie some of the modifiers are taken off *after* the number in the PbP?
Or is something else (that I have overlooked) going on?

Cheers for any help

Big PAPA February 9 2007 4:03 PM EST

From the Wiki

Amulet of Focus 3% bonus per plus (+) to the level of trained Skills and all enchantments experienced (both friendly and otherwise).
So that minion is getting 8575a/s +the AoF mods yours looks to be +8 so

AdminNightStrike February 9 2007 4:57 PM EST

The AS displayed will be the AoF modified AS if the AoF is on the last minion. Otherwise, it's the unmodified amount. The wiki should probably be updated for that.

Vicious Cat February 9 2007 5:26 PM EST

first - cheers guys, I guess I need to look at things a bit closer
second P did you get the value of my aof by working backwards or are you psychic? :-)
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