im BACK!!! and so is the rap contest (in Contests)

Xion[3-14159] February 12 2007 11:33 AM EST

ok heres how it goes, make a rap about CB2 and i will give 38K to the rap i think is the best.

as long as you are following CB rules as to follow true rap mantality you are aloud to "dis" another players rap.

PS 38k was a random number i picked for no reason....or at least reasons unknown to me

Xion[3-14159] February 12 2007 11:40 AM EST

I will go first for all you haters out there

my minions are nine feet tall and they own you all with my fire ball, iv got beasts all you got are dolls. that you play with and try to train your parents ask why but you cant explain. it drive them insane. but heres how to make a formidable creata. you quit now cus you know IL beatcha. im back now and you better be scared i lost 100 pounds from jaraid

GO PATS February 12 2007 12:05 PM EST

I'm from the CB Academy where winning is an art, I mean, our strats alter radically, any thing you once thought. You see? My boys are the HoC, the Amulet of Invisibility, any things that the Elves make, and everything that I take... Like the experience and money, the fame and fly CB honeys, don't laugh, this ain't funny, like the fact that you can't touch me.

Now, I know that I am white. I know I can't jump but I sure know how to fight. In melee and ranged, bro, not a damned things changed, I will dominate and frustrate you, no way to get through, my barrages and flurries, it all compounds and worries you... so step back, inspect, then most likely flee, or you could just go and ask PM just how to beat me.

Yeeeeeeeeahhh Booooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 12 2007 12:49 PM EST

I'd prefer my 10K for entering your "Crazy Rap Contest" and a winner for that one to be decided first!

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