What about a strat like this one? (in Off-topic)

Drama [Just for fun] February 14 2007 3:36 PM EST

1 SoD expl.shots

2 FB mage

3 MM mage

This strat would make you hit 1 and last minion with huge damage, and would hit the middle minion with reasonnable damage.

maybe a fourth minion.

So what do you think, is it good or bad?

Just to let you know, this is just the basic of that kind of strat, we could had some EO and ED.

So tell me what you think, and if you would like to add things, feel free to post it.

TheHatchetman February 14 2007 3:39 PM EST

spreading damage 3 ways = bad idea... AMF will own your diluted mages, and Evasion would easily make the SoD miss...

Drama [Just for fun] February 14 2007 3:46 PM EST

A lot of players uses 2 MM, i don't see why FB and MM would get more killed by AMF than 2 MM.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] February 14 2007 3:51 PM EST

gotta remember FB's splash dmg

Drama [Just for fun] February 14 2007 3:57 PM EST

you mean on yourself, if that yes I know, but that's only when melee comes, but I'm sure it would just happen few time.

GO PATS February 14 2007 3:57 PM EST

FB Mage in front, with Helm of Clearsight... Other two with Amulets of Invisibility... What Tattoo do you plan on using? ToA on Tank to help with PTH on SoD?

Drama [Just for fun] February 14 2007 4:18 PM EST

Yeah maybe a ToA for the SoD tank, or a ToE for the 2 mage, or even a FF or a SF. Dunno witch one would be the best.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] February 14 2007 4:29 PM EST

By agreeing to this I'd be saying that using multiple attacking minions is a good idea...

I'd also be condoning the use of DD and a weapon at the same time...

Neither of those are things I'd recommend, except aggressive strategies do seem to be a bit of an exception. The ability to kill minions in ranged is often necessary for these types of strategies and for that something like this looks awful appealing.

There is however a downside. You're hitting all three minions at once rather than just one, they'll all die at around the same time but a bit later than if you'd targeted one minion each time, why not ELB + seekers, MM, MM? (ELB being there to take advantage of weapon allowance)
This would mean attacking two minions, but it would see them start dying off a lot sooner, this gives you a better chance of having your opponent's main damage dealer die early and against multiple attacking minions you'll lessen their attack.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] February 14 2007 4:31 PM EST

Oh and don't use a ToE... just don't.

This strategy really has to kill early or it'll fail. Don't equip a defensive tattoo.

SF is what I'd recommend.

GO PATS February 14 2007 6:47 PM EST

I agree... I'd use SF with Junction, HoC, and AG's, if you're going for quick kills.
Actually... I use exactly that.

Drama [Just for fun] February 14 2007 6:58 PM EST

Ya but like JW said, I like to make it different 2 always use 2 MM. And still I would have to try the 2 possibility to see witch is the best one.

But since the 2 are pretty similar, should we add a 4 minion, or put some EO or ED

Darkwalker [Jago] February 14 2007 8:32 PM EST

I dont think you would have enough HP unless you add a AS minion. But that would just open another can of worms aka DM.....

Kong Ming February 15 2007 4:48 AM EST

If I were you, ELB ToA tank plus 1 FB mage and a large DM. Your ELB will be able to kill at least one minion per shot (no or small evasion team) and your FB will do the sweeping up (without worries from AS and GA).

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 15 2007 5:39 AM EST

MM Mage wearing a FF. ;) You get your FB before your MM hits, and you only need to train one DD.

Caedmon [Revenge of the Forgers] February 15 2007 4:38 PM EST

Sorry to stray off-topic, but why is this thread in Off-Topic?

Drama [Just for fun] February 15 2007 7:38 PM EST

because I was not sure in witch one to put it.

Is General the good one?

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] February 15 2007 8:10 PM EST

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