Newbie who wants advice on his EETM (in General)

FreakShadow February 15 2007 9:48 PM EST

All advice is welcome, Iím new. Did I spend too much on items this early? and I really screwed up by renting a 9mil. Nw Kat which messed up my PR. I never read about people giving their enchanters ranged weapons, but why? And decay does nothing in ranged combat, so I gave him a crossbow for now.
My 4 man team: PR/MRP 7.8k/5.5k.

They all have leather gloves/boots; cabasset; hardleather armor; and a cloak except the mage whom only has gloves, boots and a cabasset.

Koodher HP: 55/55; ST: 30; DX: 49; AC: 26
Decay: 1,000 (1); Giant Strength: 1,554 (1,078)
A Heavy Crossbow [4x2] (+4)

Ibacy HP: 46/46; ST: 60; DX: 56; AC: 24
Dispel Magic: 1,246 (996); Haste: 1,349 (939)
A Broad Sword [30x1] (+0)
A Light Crossbow [3x2] (+3)

Ynu HP: 88/88; ST: 229; DX: 439; AC: 25
Archery: 72 (1.00); Ablative Shield: 1,931 (975)
A Two-Handed Flail [66x10] (+8)
A Long Bow [3x3] (+2)

Mero HP: 54/54; ST: 20; DX: 20; AC: 14
Junction: 445 (1.00); Magic missile: 2,047 (659)
A Lesser Steel Familiar lvl 2,108

Unappreciated Misnomer February 15 2007 10:18 PM EST

id probably put ibacy in the back. i wouldnt bother with GS or Haste if you are only going to ahve one tank, GS and haste give bonus to all minions that exp can be used much better on other areas, maybe put as on another minion as well and remove it form the tank. throw in some Protection

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 15 2007 10:20 PM EST

The "Help!" button is your friend, you've run into the first of many pitfalls with your rented Katana, next you're going to have learn one about over training enchantments that don't help anything but your tank...

You shouldn't spent another dime on non-rare items, save cash to buy a full steel familiar and weapons for that tank, he's going to need it if you actually end up keeping the setup you have.

FreakShadow February 15 2007 10:48 PM EST

How do you move minons? And after thinking about my team, I don't know what it is. It could be a MTTM or something, I don't know what you call a decay minon.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] February 15 2007 10:57 PM EST

Keep it simple to start with.

Single minion mage or single minion tank.

On the mage train 1/3 HP, 2/3 Fireball.
Or if you use a tank, train HP/ST/DX evenly and don't worry about anything else just yet.

Both of these strategies will keep you winning most of your fights and will give you plenty of time to learn how the game works.

My main newbie suggestions would be:

Keep it simple.
Whenever you see something that doesn't make sense, ask your mentor or in chat/forums.
Don't train any more than the basic stats, HP/ST/DX on a tank, HP/Direct Damage on a mage, no more than two, usually only one spell on enchanters.
Read the help section (every time you train something, read up on it, same with equipment. Also check the game strategies, if my memory serves most should work for beginners as well as vets).

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] February 15 2007 10:58 PM EST

And to move minions: Train > Move Left

TheHatchetman February 15 2007 11:22 PM EST

"On the mage train 1/3 HP, 2/3 Fireball. "

i've found 3:1 works far better than 2:1 as a DD:HP ratio... with 2:1, you're screwed against any team with any kind of defense what-so-ever. and offensive teams will screw you on account of their dealing enough damage so that the extra is pointless. You HAVE to kill them quick or you lose...

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] February 16 2007 12:21 AM EST

I agree and was doing the same on my character before I converted it to a tank.

I usually say 1/3 HP, 2/3 DD because it seems to be the standard but I wouldn't argue against leaning a little more heavily on DD.

As a rule of thumb: if you can survive 2-3 rounds on average as a single fireball mage, you've got enough HP.

FreakShadow February 16 2007 1:10 PM EST

I moved my dispel echanter to the back & got him protection for haste, left my magic missile mage the same, exchanged my tank's AS for DX & ST, & exchanged Kood's GS for AS. I sold all the weapons except Ynu's. Should I spend my $50k on better weapons for my tank or save for a full steel familiar for my missile mage?

So now I have mage, tank, mage, enchanter

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] February 16 2007 2:04 PM EST

For a start, don't put your money into mage armor. I would personally not upgrade tank armor unless I've got several mil to spend, I'd be even less inclined to spend significant amounts of my money on mage armor as it will provide less AC for more $.

Second, use rentals to get your equipment or buy a compound bow and/or a katana (if you need to save up for the katana, use rentals).

Third, there are few strategies in which I'd recommend the use of multiple attacking minions (and in those few examples, one attacking minion would still be quite effective), using three minions to attack is not stronger than using one minion (either supported by enchanters or without extra minions to dilute EXP). It also has the downside of leaving you particularly vulnerable to AMF and EC, not to mention that your tank will be very weak against other tanks (low DX).

I don't intend for this to be sounding like I think you've done a poor job of creating a strategy for yourself, but instead that you've made a lot of the mistakes most newbies make (I made many myself).

Here's a few game strategies people have put in the wiki, I'd suggest one of these:

Grant's Strategy
Stryfe's Strategy
MilkWolf's Strategy
Pyro's Strategy
Rommel's Strategy
G-Wolf's Strategy

Let me add that what these guys have put as their suggestions only needs to be the basic structure of your character, you don't have to do exactly as they say but instead start with their suggested strategies and edit it as you find changes are needed. It just means that your strategy is based on well proven tactics.

FreakShadow February 19 2007 4:10 PM EST

Now that I made a few changes, I routinely beat those w/a score 2k higher than thanks everybody!
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