Idea: New EO (in General)

TheHatchetman February 16 2007 12:34 AM EST

How about an EO that decreases AC/Protection/Endurance. Kinda like an anti-protection of sorts... Not sure of possible effectiveness should the idea be adopted, jut something i thought of when half-asleep :P

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] February 16 2007 12:37 AM EST

Vorpal-o Flamed!

Flamey February 16 2007 2:58 AM EST

how about no.

TheHatchetman February 16 2007 3:03 AM EST

like i said: "jut something i thought of when half-asleep :P" except with more 's'... Something told me it was a bad idea, but I couldn't think of exactly how on account of being over-tired :P

Flamey February 16 2007 3:06 AM EST

I retract my previous statement.

This would be good, who cares that the VB does that? huh?

Right now NW dominates, what other way to help balance that than to let NW be killed/wasted by XP? This is why I say, who cares about the VB, that needs NW as well, we need XP to be able to win, not just bloody NW. Mikel beats me, at less than half my MPR, you know why? have 300mil NW does that, I'm not dissing him or anything, I'm showing how powerful NW is, against me, the only thing that doesn't work against him is AMF, which is half of one of my minions XP, so you can't say I'm anti Mage here. EC, Evasion, GA all affect him, but no, he gets to hit half a mil on me.

We need something XP-wise to be able to hurt NW, evasion does weapons, EC does the power of the minions, why not add an EO to kill walls, really, with EC/AMF/DM already in the mix, it'll be a tough choice, no?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 16 2007 4:05 AM EST


Trained EO that reduces weapon 'X'. We already have a trained reduction for PTH.

TheHatchetman February 16 2007 4:17 AM EST

Rust would cause tetanis when it struck though. Which would cause a status effect...

AdminG Beee February 16 2007 4:55 AM EST

I can't imagine an ELS or ELB ever suffering from "rust". Now, "corrode" on the other hand...

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 16 2007 5:07 AM EST

this is one of the classics, keeps coming up

the XP based counter to AC/Prot/End is DD or STR/Dex, any additional attribute would have to be setup similar to protection, with an even steeper curve...

TheHatchetman February 16 2007 5:35 AM EST

"any additional attribute would have to be setup similar to protection, with an even steeper curve..."

as was my idea :)

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] February 16 2007 4:56 PM EST

This is an idea i've proposed before, (I called it disintegrate), have it lower enemy AC, enchantment first so it will be equally useful to mages and tanks.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] February 16 2007 8:11 PM EST

If there really is a problem with people having too high AC (and if there's not, then this new EO is probably not going to be so helpful) then my suggestion is a new decay or to have decay changed a little.

The problem with the EO is that it's upgrade curve would have to be the same as or steeper than that of protection. The result if it's the same is that those who have trouble with big AC chars would pump their "rust" through the roof, if this actually achieves anything those who have already decided to put so much into AC will have no rational choice but to train their own protection just as heavily.
If the upgrade curve is steeper for "rust" then this change will achieve nothing but to see people train protection a little higher than they currently do.

Now, I don't like the vorpal blade, I think other than very specific strategies (mostly just the top ten) it's not such a good choice. Decay is very similar in this respect, it's not often usable by the majority of characters.

So, add a new one into the mix.
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