Adventures in Spam (in Off-topic)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] February 17 2007 3:40 AM EST

I just found something interesting, look up the word alexrlx and alexrxzo on google. I just noticed that someone who has registered on my "empty" and unused forums on my site ( has registered there, and I believe it is an automated thingy that is doing this, because the word alexrlx comes up with 24,000 hits on google. Yes.. that is a hell of a lot of auto-registering for forums that this little bot has been busy with. I wonder what the hell this person is doing with all these auto-registers, because it certainly isn't "posting" anything on any of these forums.. just registering.. weird..

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] February 17 2007 3:50 AM EST

This just in, I also found a number of other "automated" accounts to look out for.

jessicaholin - - spambot
almanach - - spambot
Begrattis - - spambot
bobibalboathebest - - spambot
KanaomiSS - - spambot

good lord, I've apparently set myself up a honeypot for spambots, there are atleast 30 spambots registered here. All at different times with different IPs.

QBJohnnywas February 17 2007 3:59 AM EST

All this and Russian Brides as well..

All I get are emails offering me cheap car insurance. And I don't drive. Oh well.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] February 17 2007 4:08 AM EST

Here is the full list of spambots I have registered:

accutane - -
Agebron - -
Alexrlx - -
AlexRXZO - -
almanach - -
Begrattis - -
bobibalboathebest - -
Bushman - -
Coldplay - -
demmian12 - -
Dieselboy - -
DosugXT - -
girlshogtiedbkj -
Happy-Man - -
iFOUNTITff - -
Jakuzzi - -
jessicaholin - -
jkhadaskja - -
jkhdaskja - -
KanaomiSS - -
Kdublin - -
LeonZZR - -
MarkusDuck - -
Maybesss - -
NataXSX - -
Newsman134 - -
notebookwqdqw - -
peternas - -
pioneerrr - -
Recrutwo - -
SergXXX - -
Tasdasdest - -
travolsta - -
Vartarza - -
venna674 - -
Very-old-gibon - -
willmiller - -
WindowsMobile11 - -

TheHatchetman February 17 2007 4:14 AM EST

I get e-mails offering to make me 20 years younger, and i know females who get e-mails offering to augment something they don't have...

Flamey February 17 2007 4:17 AM EST

"and i know females who get e-mails offering to augment something they don't have..."


QBJohnnywas February 17 2007 4:20 AM EST

This might illuminate you a little...

Seems you're not alone in this Verifex. There's a lot of google entries about the same thing. Just google some of the email addresses. It's confusing a lot of people!

Now, what about those Russian brides?

TheHatchetman February 17 2007 4:20 AM EST

and for the record, if i was looking 20 years younger, I'd look -2...

[RX3]Cotillion February 17 2007 12:32 PM EST

Hmm...You probably wouldn't even be an egg at -2... -. -

AdminNightStrike February 17 2007 3:44 PM EST

People have bots that register accounts on popular forum software , then post spam. It's not terribly hard to do, and requiring email addresses to be verified slows it down slightly (most bots will click the erification link in the email you sent -- but not all). A great thing to do is to not use phpBB, which is the most popular (and thus most exploited) forum software. I recommend Simple Machines Forum, the next generation of the older yabbs.

Unappreciated Misnomer February 17 2007 4:06 PM EST

omg its a living breathing entity

*runs and screams

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] February 17 2007 6:10 PM EST

NightStrike I am well aware of many of the free forum softwares available out there, if you had actually looked at the link up there ^ you would have seen that I AM using simple machines forum! ;)

RedWolf February 17 2007 9:00 PM EST

and of course you've gotta love spam emails like this...

AdminNightStrike February 18 2007 4:29 PM EST

hehe.. didn't realize that. SMF has some settings that should block the botted accounts.
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