-= Pixel Sage's Loans! =- (in Public Record)

Shelingar February 17 2007 12:28 PM EST

Note: His thread is closed now, so I am creating this one to record payments until he gets back.

By my calculations, I owed 1,957,000 (1,900,000*1.03 for last Saturdays interest).

Shelingar (The Long Climb) Sage (Pixel Sage)$35700012:23 PM EST

Current amount owed should be 1,600,000.

Miandrital February 18 2007 1:39 AM EST

Since pixel is MIA, I'll pick up the slack. Please make sure to keep recording all payments here.

Pixel Sage's Loan Tracking
ClientAmount Owed Interest DayRate Collateral
Genie $13,690,173 Tuesday1%
Gfbasenut1 $3,155,321 Tuesday3% HoE +7
Godwolf $5,453,397 Monday1% CML+18, ELBx63+8, TSA+24, SC+9, MgS
Shelingar $1,600,000 Saturday3% ElBow(x477 +26)
Swagger $602,500 Saturday5%

Tsk tsk People
ClientAmount Owed Interest DayRate Collateral
Dudley Dotson (Credit: Shade) $1,000,000 Saturday5%
[DC]Final Fight (C: Stephen) $1,704,778 Tuesday1%
A Bathing Ape $15,481,294 Tuesday.5%
(MM)Joey (paid by th00p? Wow!) Zip. Nada. Wednesday 4%

Shelingar February 25 2007 11:35 PM EST

Oops ... I was late this week. My fault.

Before payment I will owe:

Last week with interest: 1,648,000 (1,600,000 * 1.03)
This week with interest: 1,697,440 (1,648,000 * 1.03)

Payment for last week: 397440 (will post separately)
Amount owed: 1,300,000

I will still be making a payment for this week (actually hopefully should be paid off totally).

Shelingar February 25 2007 11:36 PM EST

Shelingar (The Long Climb) QBPixel Sage (Pixel Sage) $397440 11:36 PM EST

QBPixel Sage February 26 2007 5:14 PM EST

Oh, didn't see this thread! Thanks for this guys! Highly appreciated. Please head on to the other thread for my record keeping now =)
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