Clan: Edit New Participants question. (in General)

AdminG Beee February 19 2007 8:30 AM EST

Today I tried to transfer my main character Lorenzo to it's new owner. Before doing this and to ensure I kept my spot in clan Hidden Agenda I added one of my low-end chars to the clan via the Edit New Participants link. It was then my intention to transfer Lorenzo but I was unable to do so and received this message: You may only update your participating Characters every 24 hours. You need to wait another x Hrs...

I guess this is a form of cooldown to prevent people transferring their chars in and out to avoid farming whilst storing BA - this is good. However it's a problem when there's a legitimate need to transfer one char out and another in.

In a situation whereupon a user wants to legitimately remove one character and add another should s/he be able to do so, and if so, can we fix please.

bartjan February 19 2007 8:34 AM EST

You should have done the add and remove in 1 operation...

AdminG Beee February 19 2007 8:38 AM EST

Indeed I should have and hindsight is 20/20 :)

Perhaps it's obvious to others and I'm just a little more dense than usual today. All that's needed is to simply add a piece of text to the Edit New Participants page to warn users to do exactly as Bart has suggested.

Miandrital February 19 2007 12:11 PM EST

Agreed, a warning would be very nice. Currently, it is possible to just click the update link, without making any changes to the clan participants, and you will then have to wait 24 hours for nothing.

TheHatchetman February 19 2007 3:21 PM EST

"Perhaps it's obvious to others and I'm just a little more dense than usual today."

You're losing a child (Lorenzo), no one blames you...

Unappreciated Misnomer February 19 2007 10:51 PM EST

are you saying he sold his child into slavery? omg what shenanigans! i said shenanigans,lol
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