Browsing the Forums before signing up? (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 19 2007 8:54 AM EST

Welcome! :D

This is the General strategy discussion forum, and the forum linked to the front page. After finishing here, please take a moment to check out the off-topic forum (from the 'Discussion Forums' top left) to get a feel for our community, a major reason many players stay, and return, to this game.

Strategy, and the General forum might seem daunting at first, but don't let that discourage you from registering. Carnage Blender starts with a Tutorial straight after you finish signing up, to help ease you into the basics of the game.

And with the basics under your belt, you can start to enjoy Carnage Blender immediately.

Then you get exposed to the deep strategy the game is built around.

It should be mentioned that this is a text based game, with no graphics. Carnage Blender trades flashy style for substance, something I personally feel is lacking from the vast majority of games churned out in today's market.

There's no blood, no gore, no animation. While the Mechanics of play can seem quite simplistic (You have a list of opponents to fight, and select one in turn for the fight to be automatically worked out), Carnage Blender offers the draw and addiction of continuously building, improving and competing with your character of choice.

And then there's chat. ;)

Once registered, you can take as much, or as little, part in Carnage Blenders chat rooms as you wish, or feel comfortable with. There are some of us (myself among them) that rarely enter Chat yet still feel as involved, and as much a part of, the games community as those who do.

I hope what you read here in the Forums, and the wiki will entice you to sign up and take part in the fighting.

I look forward to fighting alongside you in a Clan, or facing you as a target on my fightlist!

En garde!

Unappreciated Misnomer February 19 2007 10:53 PM EST

i like it, but can we change 'En garde!' to 'You sack of wine'??

QBOddBird February 19 2007 10:57 PM EST

I propose we add:

"And once you've finally caught up to me, fought me, and beaten me, you can set your sights higher - but not as high as OddBird! Now that's just being ridiculous! Hahahahahaha!"

My name would flash a skull when moused over.
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