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Unappreciated Misnomer March 2 2007 12:29 AM EST

bla bla

i can bypass spellchecker, i can post links, lazy ones, but to post a picture in the thread...either from the web or right off my pc, i dont get it

Miandrital March 2 2007 12:33 AM EST

<img src="url of picture">

Unappreciated Misnomer March 2 2007 12:45 AM EST

Flamey March 2 2007 1:00 AM EST

you can always google "HTML" or "HTML help" or "HTML tags", something along those lines and you would probably find what you're looking for.


[T]Vestax March 2 2007 1:09 AM EST

Google tells me that "Help Flamey" leads directly to Carnage Blenders August 2006 message boards. I suppose that was a rough month for you Flames.

Flamey March 2 2007 1:13 AM EST

hehe, the time my team had a mage, good times, good times.

TheHatchetman March 2 2007 4:33 AM EST

Noooo... Vestax, you've stumbled upon my weakness for reading old threads...
I googled "Help Flamey", and ended up reading this long thread instead... :P

AdminG Beee March 2 2007 5:41 AM EST

I'm hopeless with HTML so I just keep a little cheat sheet saved as a .txt file on my desktop for all the PCs I'm likely to play CB on.

It may help others to do the same :)



<a href="INSERT URL HERE" target="_new">ENTER LINK NAME</a>
<a target="_blank" href="INSERT URL HERE">ENTER LINK NAME</a>

<img src="INSERT URL HERE">
<img src="INSERT URL HERE"align="bottom" width="48" height="48">

<div align="center"><img src="INSERT URL HERE"</div>

<div align="center">ENTER TEXT</div>

<ul><li>ENTER TEXT</ul> = Bullet Points


<span style="color:blue;">ENTER TEXT</span>
Examples of colours: Red, blue, orange




Unappreciated Misnomer March 2 2007 6:34 AM EST

thanks G Beee

RedWolf March 2 2007 8:00 AM EST

Here's another great website for HTML references if you need anything else ;-) That's where I learned most of what I know

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] March 7 2007 9:27 PM EST


With the new theme engine coming out; would it be possible to get one of those nice html bar added to the top of the post box beside the plain text/html text box?

Would be very similar to those forum sites stuff...Do you get what i'm trying to say? lol

Flamey March 8 2007 1:40 AM EST

have the HTML done as buttons, where you just have to type in between whatever the code is? At least, that's what I think you're trying to say.

Those forum sites, I believe use BBCode a little different to HTML, where most of it is with square brackets instead of arrows.

<b> TEXT </b>

- BBCode
[b] TEXT [/b]

Similar stuff, I could be wrong, but at least that's how I see it.

AdminLamuness March 8 2007 1:57 AM EST

I think you mean rich html. However, there is more work involved to make it work consistently across different browsers. The way CB forum does it is sufficient enough.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 8 2007 4:28 AM EST

Should we get all the HTML codes added to the Wiki?

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] March 8 2007 4:36 AM EST

Will you be putting them only at the beginning and end of every post, regardless of the content, if we do? :P

AdminG Beee March 8 2007 5:06 AM EST

Actually I'm not sure that it's possible to display the HTML tags in the wiki.

If anyone can figure out how to do it then I'll happily delete the News item. Remember though, if you need to use any of these tags and don't have them saved on your local PC you can always find them by clicking on Community > News.

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] March 8 2007 7:32 AM EST

Then maybe a link could be placed on the posting pages that would direct you to the wiki html codes.(Once someone figures out how to put them there)

It would say something like: "If you need assistance with html then check the wiki here." or maybe not even a link to the wiki but to a google search of html help pagers then the user can choose from them.

So, i'm not very creative. :P

bartjan March 8 2007 8:04 AM EST

Adding tags to wiki is easy. All that is required is a keyboard ;)

AdminG Beee March 8 2007 9:59 AM EST

Cool, very nice of you to volunteer Bart :)

bartjan March 8 2007 10:23 AM EST

That's because I have not just any keyboard, but a very good keyboard. A rough initial version of a Help!->Forums page has been made. Feel free to fill in the gaps...

SaintChristopher March 8 2007 11:04 AM EST

I think this is a good idea. We used to have lumpbot, but a forums help page would work.

bartjan March 8 2007 1:16 PM EST

Thank you Kultur, for expanding the Forums page. I was however hoping for a short summary explaining what to post where, instead of the complete and unabridged policy ;)

Also, can anyone explain why you should relative URLs when linking to CB pages in forum instead of the full ('HTTP://') ones? I could try to explain it, but no one would understand me.

Are there other things to explain about the forum? Things like PG apply to the whole site, so no need to repeat it here. The fact that you need to have a confirmed email address in order to post, for example?
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