Strat Idea (in General)

{CB1}Lukeyman March 3 2007 6:43 PM EST

Ok, I want to get back into CB, So I need a new strat to get with.

I kinda want to stay away from really expensive strats..

Preferably 2 minion.

Go ahead, and thanks for the input!

GO PATS March 3 2007 6:51 PM EST

Go MM mage, 1/2 MM, 1/4 HP, 1/4 Evasion, wearing an RoE for now...

AS Enchanter that might use an RoS later.

Cheap, effective, easy... don't need to upgrade much until later... RoE is uber though...

GO PATS March 3 2007 6:53 PM EST

BTW, that strat leaves alot of room to figure out what type of minions you'd like to add later... MM is a great way to do cheap damage... AS will help alot when you get more minions as well...

TheHatchetman March 3 2007 6:57 PM EST

First minion: MM mage with AoI, HoC, and SF. Get some AG and DB later on.

Second minion: AS/Evasion with AoF, Corn, and Elven gears.

The only things necessary to start it with would be the HoC, AoI, and SF. Save money for the other stuff, and once you get it, then all future money can be spent on upping the DBs as high as you can. With enough Evasion on the 2nd minion, you should eliminate ranged for most tanks, and stop MM for a little while. Meanwhile, you get off four MM shot in the first round.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] March 3 2007 7:04 PM EST

I've put about 30 seconds of thought into the opposite of my latest strategy.

Single minion
100% AMF
Equipment: Steel Familiar

The anti-mage that can beat every mage except maybe a single minion but I still think you're a pretty good chance.

At least it's cheap. ;)

Another, more orthodox strategy would be the single minion archer. I'd actually recommend SoD + explosive shots, other than a HoC you don't need any equipment (ToA would help though).

Maybe even something like an evasion wall and BL tank. Wall 100% evasion, tank 33% HP, 33% ST, 33% DX with ToA and MH.

You could also try a MM strategy, FB, FB, FF. Minion 1: FB, HP and Junction. HoC and FF. Minion 2: HP and FB. HoC.
FB would be more effective than MM as it does more damage to a single target and when there are more than one target the main attacking minion is usually behind a few enchanters/walls, FB stands a better chance of getting that quick kill. Would be interesting to see how it'd work anyway.

Other things I'd suggest (simply because I want to see them used effectively more often) HF, RoBF, or some kind of single minion heavy melee tank.

GO PATS March 3 2007 7:05 PM EST

Yeah, didn't go into detail about the gear but here's how I would do it... piece by piece in this order... Don't know what sort of tat you plan on, if you are going with a familiar, I'd make another minion later (when you're done with the RoE) and use junction on him (with AG's and HoC).

1. RoE for Mage
2. AoI for Mage
3. HoC for Mage.
4. DB's for Mage
5. CoI for Mage.
6. Corn for E.
7. AG's for Mage.
8. EH for E.
That should take a while... :)
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