PR Fluctuations (in General)

miteke [Superheros] March 6 2007 5:53 AM EST

I have a suggestion, since they are flying all about. Have PR be a value determined by hourly polling. Rather than calculate PR for a point in time, randomly calculate a PR value say 10 times a day and set the PR to an average of the last 10 polled values. This will cause folks like myself that don high NW equipment when not fighting a check.

I also think that high NW munitions should also carry a PR bonus that is tied to their affect, not their NW, though I'm not sure if that isn't already the case. Donning +20/x20 explosive shots should significantly boost the PR of the minion as much as if you boosted the weapon that shoots those shots by the amount of the affect.

AdminJonathan March 7 2007 12:05 AM EST

averaged pr is a really good idea. i think that would be a better fix than the cooldown period was.

AdminNightStrike March 7 2007 1:47 AM EST

I can see people unequipping everything to get their PR down, then fighting with the increased rewards....

As much as I hate it when people have "underhanded defensive tactics," as I will call them, I hate the cooldown period tenfold more.

miteke [Superheros] March 7 2007 11:14 AM EST

So the players could DROP PR during off fighting times to decrease PR during fighting times so that their rewards are greater? Clannies would not profit from that as their MPR relative to their PRs would make them extra nice targets, but I suppose non-clannies would be able to use that to good affect.

Good point. I was thinking as a clannie.

Miandrital March 7 2007 1:40 PM EST

You could always just use max(currentPR, averagedPR) and not have to worry about that situation.
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