Bug: HoC Ranged Penalties (in General)

AdminNightStrike March 7 2007 2:01 AM EST

From the changelog:


ranged 5: 1 attack @ range 4 penalties
ranged 4: 1 attack @ range 3 penalties
ranged 3: 1 attack @ range 2 penalties
ranged 2: 1 attack @ range 2 penalties

This is not the case with DD. DD users experience no penalties in round 4, range 2. I question whether other attacks are likewise not penalized.

AdminNightStrike March 7 2007 3:34 AM EST

Addendum: A CoC user will attack in the first round of ranged, also with no ranged penalties.

QBJohnnywas March 7 2007 4:16 AM EST

A CoC user will attack in the first round of ranged if the opponent has no ranged attack.

In other words the CoC user is attacking when he should be attacking in ranged 2. It becomes the first round because nobody else is attacking.

A handy side effect for CoC users; not a bug.

AdminNightStrike March 7 2007 4:24 AM EST

The bug is the "with no penalties" part. According to the change log, those extra attacks are supposed to experience ranged penalties. They don't.

QBJohnnywas March 7 2007 4:26 AM EST

You're right on the bug part re penalties; but I think it's important to specify that CoC first round is range 2.

AdminNightStrike March 7 2007 4:28 AM EST

Oh.. you're right. Typo on my part... I meant to say the LAST round of ranged, not the FIRST round of ranged.

So yes, CoC fires at "Range 2", which is the LAST ranged round. It receives the penalties of "Range 1" -- that is, no penalties.

AdminJonathan March 7 2007 11:54 AM EST

you're right, the numbers i gave are for bows. the correct version is, in range 2 a clearsight user gets "minimum penalties," which for bows is range 2 penalty but for dd it is range 1.
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