Oddbird, Forger Extraordinaire. (in Services)

QBOddBird March 7 2007 5:12 PM EST

I'm available for small jobs (2M max) for a while. Let me know today and tomorrow, Friday I will begin forging work. =)

AdminNightStrike March 7 2007 9:33 PM EST

Can you take my HG to +17? =) =)


smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] March 7 2007 9:36 PM EST

%? I need my SoD and ELB forged up on the '+' s

QBOddBird March 7 2007 9:49 PM EST

75%, and I may possibly have a job in line, unsure. We'll see ^_^ not going to start forging until Friday anyways

QBOddBird March 13 2007 5:08 PM EDT

Beginning work on:

Shield of God (Named Mithril Shield) [20] (+45) NW: 3,840,916

to be raised to +48, around a 2M NW increase, at a rate of 75%.

QBOddBird March 15 2007 4:51 PM EDT

After approximately 48 hours, the MS is now at:

Shield of God (Named Mithril Shield) [20] (+46) NW: 4,419,250

QBOddBird March 15 2007 4:56 PM EDT

Oh, and about 7% progress, but what's that really matter? =)

QBOddBird March 19 2007 5:05 PM EDT

The MS is at +47 and 50% so far. =) Almost finished with this sucker, then I think I'm going to forge my own stuff for a bit - only really small (< 1M) jobs will be accepted for a while.

QBOddBird March 21 2007 10:43 PM EDT

MS is finished, I am done forging for others for a while. =) Thanks to all with whom I've done business!
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