Name that quote! (in Contests)

th00p March 8 2007 10:00 PM EST

"I think they shot some of the dumb kids." I want who said it, and in what year he/she said/recorded it. 10k to the winner, have fun trying to Google it!

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] March 9 2007 12:17 AM EST

heh i found who but not when >.<

DiabloSpawn March 9 2007 8:22 AM EST

no dice in google or dogpile...we need clues!

DiabloSpawn March 9 2007 9:00 AM EST

Well after much searchin, I can't find the exact quote but my best guess is: Lewis Black, on the White Album, released in 2000.

th00p March 9 2007 2:30 PM EST

DiabloSpawn wins!

DiabloSpawn March 9 2007 2:35 PM EST

wow thanks :)
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