A Wt for Oddbird (in Off-topic)

AdminNightStrike March 9 2007 1:25 AM EST

Thanks to Oddbird, I can now add Ranfas to my list! Thanks, OB :)

On a side note, I swing from winning in 23 rounds to stalemating. Anyone else sit on an edge that fine?

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] March 9 2007 1:27 AM EST

He must have finished the HG... Grats m8

AdminNightStrike March 9 2007 1:33 AM EST

Actually, this was part of the service received post HG delivery :)

We were talking in chat about how to pick a target and adapt to beat him. It worked.

TheHatchetman March 9 2007 4:15 AM EST

I sit on that line versus Reda Luu... my tank is still alive, but cant finish off his Archer... I'm assuming it works about the same if he were to try to fight me.

Nerevas March 9 2007 4:29 AM EST

I share your lost melee round pain nightstrike.

TheHatchetman March 9 2007 4:32 AM EST

oh... my pain isnt from the lost melee round, but from the ranged round or two i lose from his Evasion.

NOTICE: The above was certainly not a complaint, as I use Evasion to my advantage as well ^_^

QBOddBird March 9 2007 9:45 AM EST

wt! ^_^

Yukk March 9 2007 8:19 PM EST

I had the same problem with Ranfas for ages. My swing was actually
25 rounds to stalemate. Then I got better and brought it down.
Now I'm way up there again since instaing my VB but just one or two stalemates a day
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