NCB Transfer Question (in General)

Nerevas March 13 2007 11:47 AM EDT

I currently have an NCB character. It has approx 2 months of NCB left, but I've retired it.

My question is- if I have someone else transfer me a fresh 4 month NCB character, will it retain the 4 months or will it automatically change to my ~2 months duration of my retired NCB character?

Basically, can I use this as a shortcut to start a new NCB without waiting for the full 4 months duration of my previous NCB to end?

bartjan March 13 2007 11:48 AM EDT

No idea. But I think it's fairly safe to try (except for the transfer costs...).

[T]Vestax March 13 2007 11:50 AM EDT

Last I knew, that doesn't work.

AdminNightStrike March 13 2007 11:51 AM EDT

That will work fine.

Kong Ming March 13 2007 12:06 PM EDT

You can have another NCB transferred to you with the 4 months of NCB. I did just that ;)
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