Peom/Sonnet Contest (in Contests)

tscm March 19 2007 6:39 PM EDT

Ok folks, lets hear what you have to say. Post your own Sonnet or Poem here.

Sonnets: A,B,A,B,C,D,C,D,E,E Rhyme Scheme
Peoms: Must rhyme.

Sonnet Winner will receive $100k.
Poem winner will receive $50k.

Go for it. :)

QBOddBird March 19 2007 6:59 PM EDT

My life has got to be one of the best!
Though I'll need a wife
To make it truly better than the rest
yes, that'll improve my life
So I will work on that
Though I've got to make sure
I don't pick one too fat
and her heart has to be pure
Come to think of it, I'm a bit picky
But heck, I'm worth it. I'm a guy who's not icky!

Bahahahaha! Who can beat my record time of 55 seconds in poem creation?

BootyGod March 19 2007 7:05 PM EDT

There once was a Vorpal Blade, cutting through bone and marrow.
Now there is simply a stick, bouncing off skin.

Poem. Best one I ever wrote.

{CB1}Lukeyman March 19 2007 7:28 PM EDT


Prize divided by Me, Life, Nerevas and Call! hahaha Hurray!!!!

Fantasysage March 19 2007 7:47 PM EDT

The Waste

It comes to me this lifes a waste
So maybe i should just erase,
What is left and start anew,
A new life without the pain of you.

But how would i come to do this
And end all of this lonliness,
And take life back to square one,
Where everything's new and all is fun.

So is this life a waste of death?
Trapped here in my loneliness,
And should i make this the end,
and commit to the ultimate mend.

No thats such a waste of life
Even if it kills my strife
Why would i want to die
If there's so much left to try.

But the pain it hurts me so
And i just want to go
To run away from this hell
So on sorrow i mustn't dwell.

And i sit here weak and weary
And my eyes well up teary,
So i know i mustn't go,
But keep up with this life, so-so

So i guess ill forge ahead,
Even though im full of dread,
And watch the flag of life unfurl,
And maybe ill even catch the girl.

GO PATS March 20 2007 6:08 PM EDT

I hope bad rap counts as a poem... I entered this in another contest that went defunct...

I'm from the CB Academy where winning is an art, I mean, our strats alter radically, any thing you once thought. You see? My boys are the HoC, the Amulet of Invisibility, any things that the Elves make, and everything that I take... Like the experience and money, the fame and fly CB honeys, don't laugh, this ain't funny, like the fact that you can't touch me.

Now, I know that I am white. I know I can't jump but I sure know how to fight. In melee and ranged, bro, not a damned things changed, I will dominate and frustrate you, no way to get through, my barrages and flurries, it all compounds and worries you... so step back, inspect, then most likely flee, or you could just go and ask PM just how to beat me.

Yeeeeeeah Boooyeeeeee...

Tyriel [123456789] March 20 2007 6:35 PM EDT

When looked upon, those gazing eyes
Deceit and deception broiled within.
Filled to the brim with hatred and lies,
Death 'pon your every whim.
But justice soon shall be served.
The one who you betrayed the most
Would give you what you deserved,
To him they would hold a toast.
So here I come, most hateful king,
With a deed that will make the bards sing.

Are sonnets supposed to be like this? xD Usually when I think of sonnets, I think of sappy love songs, not poems about people betraying the kings who betrayed them. xD

GO PATS March 20 2007 6:36 PM EDT

Once more I awake, to nothing at all,
The same monotony to break, with not much farther to fall,
One more mistake brings the bottom, with no ladder to climb,
I'm the underdog in life, but I am reaching my prime.

10 Years ago, I thought it was then,
When I was quick with a joke, and Vonnegut with a pen,
When narcotics were the only thing, my manna from heaven,
A downward spiral that stops now, began in 1997.

Now I can look back, and see the cracks in my plan,
I wanted to do more with my life, and I hope now I can,
The things I loved when I was young, I love today still,
So I live by, "An it harm none, do as thou will."

With renewed faith and renewed strength I'll conquer my death,
by living like it's coming soon, and loving every breath,
The things I study will be narcotics for me,
And I'll be clean as long as I have Poker, Jiu Jitsu, and CB.

Just wrote this on the fly, was going to make a funny one, but most of my poetry turns darkish fairly quick... Anyway... Yeah... 1997 was a good time, I used to think... now I realize that that one year made me waste 10 trying to get it back.

DiabloSpawn March 20 2007 6:52 PM EDT

'CB Fever'

Fingers cold and numb
Screen burning my eyes
No food in my tum
CB gripping me like a vise

Just one more click
Got to finish them all
Feeling a bit sick
But they have to fall

Gonna beat the Blender
'Fore I'm returned to Sender

tscm March 21 2007 2:50 PM EDT

Keep them coming folks. :) I'll end this contest on friday. I dunno what time friday, so I suppose you better not take your chances and send them all now!

th00p March 21 2007 3:09 PM EDT

I want to put Pit's head in a vice,
and [VII]Gula spelled poem 'peom' twice.

tscm March 22 2007 9:26 AM EDT

:O where have all of you guys gone? the 100k prize and 50k prize are still up for grabs until friday!

QBBarzooMonkey March 22 2007 3:39 PM EDT

Okay, it would take way more writing than anyone here wants to read to explain this, so in a nutshell, it's meant to be an ad-libbed drinking song made up by some sailors to poke fun at their "commander-in-chief"...

The Ballad of Princess Athena

You're bound to think us crazy
We think that we would, too
The details are a bit hazy
But every word is true
It may be beyond understanding
But the tale, it should be told
In the Pub on Athena's Landing
What as sight it was to behold
We can tell you all about it, we know since we were there
The night Madame A slew The Bear.

He snuck inside to drink some beer
Slipped right in under her nose
Was it the gorilla? Let me think hard here
The one who speaks in prose?
Yes, the ape called The Bear out proudly
To join him for some ale
But he spoke the name too loudly
And above the room's din did it sail
Reaching the ears of our Princess, most fair
The night Madame A slew The Bear

"The Bear, in my house?"
She cried and looked around
"Where is that big louse?"
And on the bar, stood her ground
With rapier in hand
And a fire in her eyes
Like iron, did she stand
To face The Bear she despised
The room filled with silence, not a sound in the air
The night Madame A slew The Bear

"Why did you come?
To my pub, without my brother?"
The Bear just stood, dumb
For he was hiding another
He gave her a letter
Written in her brother's pen
But Madame A knew better
And questioned him again
No deception would fool our Princess, most fair
The night Madame A slew The Bear

Not a word did he speak
Though not for his trying
Turned suddenly meek
By Madame A crying
"You brought with you a girl?
In her hand this is written!
To my very world
Were you not once with me smitten?"
In shock at his gall, all present did stare
The night Madame A slew The Bear

Then the young miss stepped into the light
It seems she was a Princess, as well
"Please, Madame A, you and I have no fight
And I'll bet many a tale we could tell"
The Bear may have been guilty of lies and deceit
But about her Madame A was quite wrong
So Madame A gave her smiles and an invite to eat
And to become friends, it didn't take long
They left him alone, without someone to care
The night Madame A slew The Bear

You're bound to think us mad
For telling you the tale
For The Bear's not a small lad
And against him, we'd surely fail
Please make no misunderstanding
Of one thing, we have no doubt
As long as we don't leave Athena's Landing
The Bear won't be about
Stuck here with songs and beer, not a worry, not a care
We're glad Madame A slew The Bear

tscm March 23 2007 9:17 AM EDT

Today's the last day.

tscm March 23 2007 6:28 PM EDT

There weren't any real Sonnets I see. But there were plenty of poems. And I think the best poem was made by Fantasysage. Congrats, Fantasysage. :)

tscm (Me) Fantasysage (FantasySage) $50000 6:28 PM EDT
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