Did not get a BA Refresh (in General)

AdminNightStrike March 24 2007 3:36 AM EDT

I have been watching my BA vey closely. I did not get a refresh after the clock rolled over, and I have been watching it since then. I currently have zero BA still, and I bought all of it yesterday. Even if the refresh got delayed until shortly after roll over, I should definitely have it by now.

Is anyone else having BA issues like this?

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] March 24 2007 3:52 AM EDT

Which time are you going by? BA buying still goes by the "fight time" & "post times" which are reading "correctly", while wacky times & cache flush go by the (now one-hour off) "server time" as listed on the Community page. At least so far as I can tell.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] March 24 2007 4:13 AM EDT

fight suspension? Or are you talking about buying BA?

Shelingar March 24 2007 6:16 AM EDT

Just in case you were using a different time, my BA refresh came at 23:00 server time while the start of boosted money came at 0:00. ie they are one hour apart again.

I know I got burned by this a couple of weeks ago. The BA refresh has been consistently following the daylight savings new time. Some other things haven't.

AdminNightStrike March 24 2007 1:38 PM EDT

Just three days ago, I had a conversation with PM about this, and we both got our BA refresh at 0102 Eastern time, which is about 2 minutes past midnight server time. So obviously the BA Refresh time is far from consistent.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] March 24 2007 1:43 PM EDT

it happens every once in a while to me, so its not every refresh. But yes when it happens, it does come eventually around 2 minutes later or so.

AdminNightStrike March 24 2007 1:50 PM EDT

I don't care so much about the 2 minute discrepancy as I do the 1 hour discrepancy....

AdminNightStrike March 25 2007 12:38 AM EDT

It's 12:37 AM sunday morning Eastern time, and I STILL have not gotten a BA refresh! Either it occurrs at 2300 server time, or it does not! It cannot be both ways!

Nerevas March 25 2007 12:40 AM EDT

It happens in 20 minutes. Midnight Central Time.. or 0:00:00 server time. At least that's when I usually get it.

AdminNightStrike March 25 2007 12:47 AM EDT

Read the original post -- that did not happen last night. When I don't get it at 0000 server time, people tell me it happens at 2300 server time. When I don't get it at 2300 server time, people tell me it happens at 0000 server time. Which is it? I'd really like a response from Jon on this one, as no one seems to have a consistent answer. And in truth, I've seen it refresh at both times, so obviously the system isn't even being consistent.

AdminNightStrike March 25 2007 1:10 AM EDT

So today it was server time 0000 when BA refresh occurs. What will it be tomorrow?

Shelingar March 25 2007 1:20 AM EDT

OK thats weird. For the last 2 weeks (roughly since DLST) the server time has been exactly 12 hours difference to me. It was 13 hours behind before that so 00:00 server time was 1pm my time. But since daylight savings it was exactly 12 so 12am my time = 12 pm server time (ie easy to see).

When I checked yesterday I'm sure it was still 12 hours difference, but right now it is 13 hours again.

So its now 1:19 pm (13:19) my time and the server reports it is 00:13.

The BA refresh has always occurred at 00:00 server time for me, including yesterday (I checked the server time difference when reading and commenting on this thread), but it seems the server time itself is jumping around.

Relic March 25 2007 2:23 AM EDT

I do not know if this is related but bonus exp time started an hour later than normal for me today, and did not extend an hour longer (which I expected it to).

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] March 25 2007 3:07 AM EDT

Bonus XP time went from 1:00 EDT to 7:00 EDT, as it has since we changed our clocks in the States. It used to go from 12-6 EST, now it's 12-6 CDT (or even 12-6 EST if you'd like to do the mental conversion from Standard to Daylight in your head).

BA buying, as with fight times & posting, is still going by "accurate" time. Midnight EDT. 11 p.m. CDT. (It used to be midnight EST, 11 p.m. CST.)

AdminNightStrike March 25 2007 3:14 AM EDT

Bast, as I have just shown, this is not consistent. I got a refresh yesterday and today at different times. This is not the first time I'm seeing such inconsistencies. If it's going to be at 2300 server time, then fine. If it's going to be at 0000 server time, then fine. But it should not switch randomly between the two, as it has been doing.

AdminNightStrike March 27 2007 12:02 AM EDT

Looks like it was 2300 server time tonight...

Mikel March 27 2007 12:09 AM EDT

yes I noticed that, which is why I've been keeping mine spent before that time.

Mikel March 27 2007 12:20 AM EDT

it should be good now, I think there was a new law that went into effect or is trying to get pushed that caused DST to happen earlier than normal. I read somewhere that it was 2 weeks earlier than normal and last 2 weeks longer than normal. I didn't update the patch, I just changed mine manually, since it didn't switch. My guess is the server wasn't updated as well. Google it if you want more info or the specifics.

AdminNightStrike March 27 2007 12:24 AM EDT

I'm aware of the time issue -- what bothers me is that the server's time should be consistently off. It's not.

Nerevas March 27 2007 12:40 AM EDT

Can't be 23:00. I haven't received my BA refresh yet..

Nerevas March 27 2007 1:06 AM EDT

Just got mine at 24:00

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] March 27 2007 1:26 AM EDT

I just got a refresh at 12:25. Weird!

Shelingar March 27 2007 1:32 AM EDT

I checked mine at 23:13 and had received it.

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] March 27 2007 1:36 AM EDT

Looks like it's consistently off by 5 minutes. Got my refresh at 00:35.

AdminNightStrike March 27 2007 1:51 AM EDT

Nerevas -- I received mine right when I posted.

Something is definitely messed up if everyone gets their refresh at different times.

And again, for all those who keep missing my point -- I'm going strictly by server time, not my personal local time.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] March 27 2007 2:04 AM EDT

Okay, first, let us define" refresh".

Your 10-minute-increment BA comes every 10-minutes, based on when cache flush ended. It is not likely to be 12:10, 12:20, 12:30. But 12:12, 12:22, 12:32, etc., assuming cache flush starts on the hour and takes more than 60 seconds.

The "refresh" being, for the most part, addressed in this thread is the "+/- midnight" rollover of daily BA buying. Some would believe this is now variable, though by what imagined mechanism is unclear.

More data on this would have to include which "23:00" one is citing when one is citing "23:00" as the time of the buy, and whether one has then just bought "yesterday's" or "today's" BA -- again based on roll-over, what relation that "23:00" has to one's own clock and the proficiency one can demonstrate at reading same.

AdminNightStrike March 27 2007 2:07 AM EDT

Bast, you know full well that I'm referring to purchasable BA. Further, I've made it as clear as I can that I'm referring to server time. I've gotten it at both a server time of 2300 and a server time of 0000. Why is it so hard to comprehend those statements?

I think it shouldn't happen, but I can't deny that it has.

AdminG Beee March 27 2007 3:07 AM EDT

If the time when you are able to first purchase your daily set of BA is indeed changeable from time to time then that's weird.

As for when it actually happens, you're not going to get any input from me given that it's either 4:00am or 5:00am BST if the problems above are anything to go by.

/me is busy pushing out zzzz's at the time :)

Shelingar March 27 2007 4:05 AM EDT

If you click on community the page reports the server time. All times I have quoted are server time.

I would also note that the server time in relation to me has changed twice in the last few weeks. First with the switch over to daylight savings. That brought the server time from being 13 hours different to me to 12 hours.

Again I believe over the last weekend the server time has switched back to being 13 hours different. Please note I am not exactly sure when this occurred, but I do know that it did occur.

bartjan March 27 2007 5:41 AM EDT

There are currently 2 different server times...

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] March 27 2007 7:14 AM EDT

the time on the community page is still incorrect and has been since DST (Daylight Savings Time). It currently reads 6:13 AM which is my time, (CST). Whacky times follow this time which has made the whacky times an hour late every week since DST, but do not know if buying BA refreshes the same time, ill check it tonight.

AdminNightStrike March 29 2007 12:33 AM EDT

server time from the community page: 2332, still have zero BA.......

AdminNightStrike March 30 2007 12:33 AM EDT

Again today, 2332 from the community page, still have zero BA...

Nerevas March 30 2007 12:43 AM EDT

Got mine at *least* 20 minutes earlier than usual today. Not sure why it varies from day to day...

Mikel March 30 2007 12:48 AM EDT

Odd, I got mine about 30 minutes ago...
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