Wow question (in Off-topic)

krasko March 26 2007 6:24 AM EDT

I see alot of sites selling wow gold.They all looks like scam to me ,but is there someone who have already bought or tried?I think to try buying for 3-4$ and see if its working soon.

[RX3]Cotillion March 26 2007 7:05 AM EDT

I don't have wow, used to play it, haven't in years, but I think i've read that it's against the Terms of Service agreement to Sell OR Buy in-game items for money. I think if they were to catch you, they'd probably ban/delete your account or some such. Whether this is true or not, i am not certain,but I wouldn't risk all of the time and money you've spent, and also because you said it seems like a scam to begin with.

DH March 26 2007 9:05 AM EDT

yes, dont do it...they are really good at catching people. they ban roughly 50-70k accounts every couple of months for hacking/selling/buying gold. if you want to buy gold WoW is not the game to do it in. seriously...

QBOddBird March 26 2007 9:18 AM EDT

Yeah. RS and CB are the games to do it in.
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